A new experience – kayaking on the sea!

One of my aims is to accept challenges that help me see more of the world and that definitely happened the other night.
My yoga teacher, Rafi, decided that instead of a yoga class that we would go kayaking instead. At the moment only about 6 people turn up for a class due to the heat, so it was great to see 14 out ready to have fun.

Kayak 1 Kayak  2Never having tried anything like this before was definitely filling one of my goals of new experiences. Feeling safety in numbers helped me to decide to go in a double kayak!

That small island in the distance was our destination and boy did it seem a long way away!


Being in a pair and both novices, it was dread and fear that gave voice to our screams as we hit the water, in the kayak! We had to work out each others power level and strength to get our rhythm going, with shouts of ‘a la izquierda’ (on the left) and ‘a la dereche’ (on the right) as we went off course many times. Whilst we set of 2nd we arrived at the island about 5th, but grateful that we had made it.

A rest for a swim and then back for mainland and this time we were confident in our ability and taking time to enjoy the new views we could see, even stopping for a while just to enjoy the moment.
Then it was a walk around the headland to be shown rocks that are from the first volcanic explosions on earth and gave rise to the land masses we know today. Apparently there are few places left on earth that you can see such large slabs of ancient rock over 3 million years old.
Kayak  4

Even the dog went with us.

Even the dog went with us.

Yes even the dog came kayaking with us and with his life vest on he swam alongside us too.

Kayak  5 Kayak  7 Kayak  6

DSCN0825The views are from a picnic spot we found in a quiet bay just a short walk away where we sat and chatted for a couple of hours. Well I say we, when actually I mean everyone else. I don’t understand anywhere near enough to follow the conversation but I did feel a healing energy around us. At some point the conversation changed from rocks to thyroid problems and then onto healing in the head and the feet!
DSCN0827Then as we rose to leave there was a stunning full moon creeping out over the sea and framed by the rocks surrounding us. One of the guys got this picture for me.
A night to remember, a feeling of calm, a connection and grounding with nature and tranquility and of being ‘Now’.

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Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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