Business ME

Recovering ME is about you and your business too.
Do you find yourself saying
‘ I work to many hours’
‘How come I can never delegate?’
‘The business will fail if I don’t keep fully involved’
I am so tired, working for myself was supposed to give me a better life’
‘ How come I lose my best employees?’
‘Is my business living up to its potential?’.

Video 1 in Business ME for you.
Check out this video as it is now time to work with Recovering ME, to check back into your hopes and dreams, life changes and so does what is important to you so where are you now. Maybe you think you have gone as far as you can and are stuck, just what is actually possible for you?
Time now to re-evaluate and move your business and life in the direction you need to go.
Let ME help you explore those questions and get you to where you want to be quicker than working alone.

You set your business up with a goal in mind, that goal has shifted and you need to as well. The strategy that you work to affects every decision you make and the impact of that strategy is far reaching.
Consider the normal business plan and decision making within medium sized companies…
2/3 of all major decisions are taken in line within the declared company strategy
1/3 of mid range decisions are made within the declared company strategy
1/20 minor decisions are made within the company strategy.
Just how does that leave your employees feeling. Those feeling are recorded as frustration, undervalued, undermined. It is the small decisions that affect your employees day to day lives and they are what matter most.

Employees now no longer look for a job for life. They are looking for ‘what can I learn here that will move me onto better things’ Yet you must invest in those same employees, knowing you are improving them to move on. The more valuable they are to you, the more you develop and encourage them then the better payback you get in their skills bringing your company quick results.
So whether it is the business modal that needs an overhaul, you as the owner or any team development need then the ME Business plan is for you.

The Business Improvement System has 10 steps and is proven to get the small business owner more customers.

 10 Step Business Improver

  • Let’s prioritise
  • What results do you achieve
  • Client profile
  • Compelling marketing
  • Packaging
  • Pull marketing
  • Get out there
  • Seize the opportunities
  • Yes, Yes, Yes and they buy
  • Automatic marketing

Want to know more, then contact me on 03302200112 (UK Local call rate)

Having lived through many changes in my life I know that we can all reach a crossroads, where we feel we must choose a new route to take.

I can help walk you around that crossroad and help you see clearly the route to take.

Want to walk straight up to that crossroad and know which way to turn, then contact me.

Using a simple process of questioning and listening the decisions become clearer. You will receive tools and techniques to take with you on the rest of your life journey.

Do you want extra tools to use every day?

Using your goals as our sign posts then let’s walk the road together.

Initial consultation lasts 1 hour, extra cost will arise if face to face

Remaining sessions either phone or skype lasting 45 minutes.

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