Creating Prosperity or living with Poverty thinking.

A few years ago I had a job that paid well and a business that bought me in good money too. Now life and money is a struggle – the poverty thinking trap!

Many people out there will be living in the poverty thinking trap and to bring lasting changes into your life you need to change your thinking.
Yes, I buy a lottery ticket once in a while and would love to win but I know that to benefit from the win I need to change my consciousness. There has been research done that shows many lottery winners have lost most of the money after 2 years and some are worse off than before buying the ticket. My aim is to live a full life and keep that sustainable and if I win the lottery my thoughts are on the prosperity line – or are they!

What is your consciousness about money

  • do you resent other people income
  • do you live in the past and regret losing your income
  • does money go out quicker than comes in
  • do you ‘borrow’ pens from work or do printing of personal papers?
  • What you give out you get back, are you giving out poverty thinking?
  • there is never enough money

It’s time to discover your negative thoughts and then be prepared to let them go and change your thoughts onto prosperity thinking.

How do you do this?
I’ve let go of the past money I had and now live in the present. I have bills to pay and those people trust me to be able to pay for a service that they give me before I pay. How good is that, people trust me and value what I can pay.
Life is good, I have my health, I am able to walk, I can look after my pets and live in an abundance of prosperity. Yet there is always work to do and saying Stop to the negative thoughts is so hard.

I started practicing these affirmations from Louise Hay

My income is constantly increasing
I prosper where ever I turn.

Instead of poverty thinking and allowing anger to take over I started focusing on increasing my income or my prosperity in life and things started to happen for me.
I really needed to go to the shops to buy my cat some food but prior to that I was meeting a friend for a coffee and a chat. I was actually worried about the money for the cat food and was thinking of which shop would be the cheapest without spending money on petrol to get there it was poverty thinking.
At the end of our chat my friend had a present for me- a big bag of cat food. A good brand but that her cats did not like. Wow, what a gift just as I needed it and it would last me for weeks!

That same day I got home and there was a letter from the bank for me giving me vouchers to spend in their associated store – what had I done to get them? I’d just kept my account in balance for the year. Wow, stop a second ‘I’d kept my account in balance for a year’ how amazing is that. No overdraft, no bills now that is prosperity.
Then that evening I took a phone call asking if my partner wanted some work, extra money for him and peace of mind that he could pay a bill that was worrying him.

What a fantastic day of being given prosperity wherever I turned.
Yet ‘m still a work in progress because of how I dealt with that prosperity.

My partners bill – yes it got paid but not fully so he is still worried and that concerns me!
The store vouchers – are still on my kitchen board. I’ve not spent them as yet and enjoyed the prosperity.
The cat food – because I had such an abundance I started to feed my cat a double dose. Thinking it was love and overcompensating for bringing a dog into the household. I soon spotted the weight gain, can you?

I was still doing the affirmations but living with a deep-rooted belief that I did not deserve prosperity so I was giving it away to quickly. If I had of won the lottery I would have still had that poverty mindset.
It’s all a work in progress to release the negative beliefs and to live in prosperity and every day to stand tall and say joyfully

I am open and receptive to all the good and abundance in the Universe.
Thank you life.

I’ll keep you informed on my journey and would love to hear from you as to moving into prosperity and the hurdles you meet on the way.

Recovering Me

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Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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    In these times when many are facing an uncertain job future, now is a good time to change your thoughts and get that positive energy, that attracts more positive energy working for you.

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