Healthy Me and how to recover you.

To start my personal recovery I had to make a plan and this is now what will help you – with my 6 step plan. Solace.

S – Start right now and make a contract with myself that I would recover, it meant that I would work hard on this when no one else believed how I was feeling. I will find your motivation.

  JL says
‘My time management at work and home have improved as a result of this coaching and I am able to spend more quality time with my husband and family.’

O – Others can help and that I would ask for help, anyone who knew me would know how difficult that would be. I was a doer, a delegator, the one who was capable and now it’s time to accept it’s OK to ask for help. I will help you look for and find your answers.

L – Learn – I would learn, I always have been a researcher, a keen interest in knowing more…to the point I suppose people thought I was a know it all, I’m certainly not that as I found out when learning all about my ill health. I will open your eyes to the possibilities you have.

A – Actions – I would do what it took, yes I knew it would take work. I was recovering. I wasn’t fighting. Just by changing that one word from fighting to recovering then my efforts took on new meaning. I will help you set achievable goals.

SH says
I can assess and plan my life choices much easier, I set goals and always achieve them. Coaching has really boosted my confidence and self – esteem and that is priceless. I will work with you again and will recommend you to everyone’.

C – Communication – That I needed someone to talk to, someone to help me look at all the things I am, I can be and I can do. That person was inside me already and with friends there as extra support I set myself targets and got there! I will be the person who truly listens to you.

PK says

‘I’ve always felt over-whelmed by my family. By using skills taught by Gill I’ve found the confidence to talk through a complete life move with them and I’m off to America now!’

E – Enjoy your new life as you are ready to move on, and I have yet also I still have more to learn. I know and appreciate how far I have come and each day I’m thankful for something new, some improvement. I will be there showing you the journey you have taken and how you are ready to move on.

  AD says

‘Your unbiased listening, understanding and questioning helped me create a goal. I’ve taken small steps to build my confidence and will now be changing my career direction completely.’

Read as and when you can all the useful information in these pages and then when ready to move into your healthier life, contact me. Working together will get you there quicker than working alone.

Ready to move on with your life and are now ready to take action….book your session here.