My Story

Hi there,

Once upon a time I lived in the real world with a job, a business and lots of hobbies and holidays. I loved my life, travelling for work, dancing and making friends, decorating my own new home in all my style. Life was great and I looked forward to so much more. I had learned so much as was ready to help others find the time in their lives for fulfilling careers and family time to share.

Then the wicked witch of illness took over and I slowly became more and more ill.

I kept telling the Doctor that something was wrong and time and time again I was dismissed as an old woman who should just accept that aging was a part of life and death! I was only just 50 for heavens sake!

I wasn’t prepared to accept that but as I knew no better I just carried on and on and on, getting worse till at last a diagnosis. I knew that self-help was the only way forward and that it was down to me to take the positive actions I needed to get better.

I had low thyroid function, I was hypothyroid and the answer was medication  (t4). I took it and it didn’t work, I got worse or stayed the same so it was increased. I got worse until a final breakdown that lead to the diagnosis of ME.

Life can flow like a river, easily down stream. Then it hits an obstacle and choices have to be made.

Life can flow like a river, easily down stream. Then it hits an obstacle and choices have to be made.

I’ve been on an amazing journey since that day Sept 2011 and now having learned so much I’ve decided it’s time to share all the amazing things that I have learned and to help others.

Also I’m surprised at the people who have left my life and totally grateful to those who are still with me and all the new people I’ve met. Yet quite often it has been those changing people and meetings that have helped me and I’ve realised how open to new information and opportunities you need to be.


For those of you here for your health then time now to do a quick health check yourself there are so many warning signs and if I can prevent just one person going down the path I have been and instead I can help you take a different fork on the journey to better health, then I will be grateful so check out the pages and look for these early warning signs…

So stay in touch as I move into a new life, loving the UK seasonal weather and the crashing seas and of course I’m  on skype, telephone and email to help others through illness, life changes and trials.

Bye for now

Recovering Me
Call 03302200112 (UK local call rates)

Mobile 07985717917


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