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I’ve moved again in this last year and finally feel that if I move again it could be 1 suitcase as I don’t have many clothes and 1 box…..

Gill Brookshaw - Recover your Life

I’ve only been in my beautiful home for 6 years and I feel so blessed to have found it.
I was actually going through a divorce that I was not allowed to tell people about, weird but then so had the marriage been. Anyway to keep my sanity I kept focused on the future and how it was going to be so wonderful. The only thing I had, was my love of walking and my belief in the future.
So to keep a distance from my problem I would walk and walk and walk.
One day I came across a flat for sale. It would stretch me totally financially but I was drawn to it. I came inside and just loved the place. It had been owned by an old lady, a heavy smoker who had not invested love or time on it, yet I could see through it all and…

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Not such a superwoman!


Not that I have ever thought I was, just that all my life I have had energy to spare and share. Just not at this moment and it’s because of stress and working to others agendas!

So what’s happened?

At my last B12 injection I was telling the nurse that 6 weeks after the injection I started to feel symptoms returning.

Tiredness. Nightmares. Off my food. Legs not working and falling over a lot, 3 times a day at least. Bruising easily. Shortness of breath. Yawning or gulping for air. Not being able to hold things. Irritability. Mood swings. Wanting to end my 11 year relationship for no good reason. Tender tongue. Weak muscles. Burning legs especially at night. More tinnitus. Hair falling out. Vvision problems. Muscle pain. Just some of what starts happening to me.

She agreed to take a blood test and see if we can increase frequency. So it’s now 6 weeks after my last injection and I can bear it no longer.

It’s been a stressful few weeks. Two friends have died suddenly. Another friend is very ill in hospital and each day I am mourning the loss yet she in body is still with us. I had to see my Endo and stressed out completely over that…Will then stop my meds….Will they reduce….it’s scary to be so reliant on one medication. Then work issues have meant I have worked 17 days without a break and half of those were 12 hour shifts!

After 6 weeks I am in a real mess. Though the one good thing was that my endo explained to me that when Vit B12  goes low so does your bodies ability to absorb thyroid medication. It now makes perfect sense to me. Those B12 symptoms are quite a comparison to hashimotos symptoms and even though I feel lousy I now understand why. Im not just missing Vit B12 I am missing out on my T3 too.

Time to stay off the computer as it drains me. Time to get the blood test done. Time to get self medicating my B12.

It’s only taking control like this that I lead what most would call a normal life.

With my B12 back in place,taking steps to avoid stress and having my T3 absorbing I will be back to normal.

There is no such thing as superwoman, just each of us trying to be our best. I know that the stressors I have been through would affect most people so a bit of kindness to myself will go a long way too.

So my steps are

Take control of your own health

Be kind to yourself

Avoid those stressors that you can like computers and tv for me.

Be realistic about work hours

Get outdoors and enjoy nature even if wrapped up warm just raising your face to the sun helps.

Hope this helps….the photos are me now with low B12 and low T3 uptake and comparing to me at my best!


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My Garden, my office.

I’ve been having a lot of work done on my garden and it was only whilst the work was ongoing and I couldn’t actually leave my house that I realised how important the garden and fresh air is to me.

IMG_20170115_105921_167Even living in Spain in an apartment my first question was ‘does it have a balcony?’ because I could live with 1 bedroom and a tiny kitchen but no way could I live without my open space. The plants may have been artificial but it gave me colour and the feelings of being with nature.


31950341_10156262514823168_8566643804692545536_nBack in the UK and we are blessed with a decent size garden, but it was totally unloved and a swamp in the winter months. The patio at the bottom could only be got to in wellington boots and we had about a dozen frogs happily living in the swamp area between the house and the patio. It was unusable.

It was wondering what to do with the garden that led me to reflect on why a garden is so important to me and asking friends with thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, ME/CFS or just plain winter blues, it all came down to feeling better in the fresh air. The conclusion only really hit me when I came in contact with a great women with tons of knowledge that is helping me Digital Marketing Made Easy. Now Cat, the lady and yes also a cat lover works from her shed of words. Without being told, I had my thoughts as to her being a ME sufferer, because we all find benefit from being out of those 4 walls and more surrounded by nature. It made the garden seem so much more important to me as my place of work.

Garden 10With that in mind we have now got the dig out done, the foundations laid and a lovely new garden to enjoy, as I am right now writing this.

Still a lot more work to do and I still have a ‘shed of words envy’. Maybe I will get one of my own.

We all have things that make us feel better, maybe take the time to work out one of yours and allow the health benefits to come.





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Human Tower building

There is a strange phenomenon in Spain and it is the art of tower building using people…..

I have seen this a few times and the most spectacular event was in Barcelona for the national championships when the towers reached about 8 people high.
I do wonder about the safety of the little one on the top and whether the parents feel proud or scared.
Have a close look at the base and you will see the amount of people giving support to the tower.
Remember to find your rock solid supporters, the ones who can see the illness and offer help by asking 1 great question.

‘What can I do for you today’.

That question is important on so many levels…..

  • it shows they acknowledge your illness, so important to you
  • it shows their willingness to help you, great to have help without having to beg
  • it shows they know you will get better, and that positivity in your circle is what encourages you onwards
  • it shows they have compassion for you which maybe you should have for yourself.

Thanks for that important question from a great book by Elizabeth Turp for family and friends of people with CFS/ME. With thyroid, adrenal fatigue, Vitamins B12 and D3 deficiencies are often classes as invisible illnesses they are also often put together as one package of ME/CFS. It’s just a lazy Drs way of giving up on you. Don’t listen and instead seek you positive voices to recovery.

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Getting a bit clumsy, nails breaking off, yawning a lot or Handbag in the fridge….

When you start listing all the little ways in which you feel unwell, it becomes hard to stop. From yawning to losing your keys and it seems to come in good and bad patches. There is a big chance that you are low in Vitamin B12 and yes it is added to your breakfast cereals and other foods but you can still be low.
Check out the symptom list below and see how you are doing. If you are here because of low thyroid or low adrenal reserve then B12 is interconnected with both and you should be looking at having B12 in the top section of your recommended range.

Symptoms :

Common/early symptoms

  • Shortness of breath – ‘the sighs’
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Brain fogs
  • poor concentration
  • short-term memory loss
  • confusion (‘handbag in the fridge syndrome’)
  • nominal aphasia (forgetting names of objects)
  • Clumsiness/lack of coordination
  • Brittle, flaky nails, ridges on the nails, no half moon
  • Dry skin anywhere on body
  • Mood swings, ‘tear jags’, heightened emotions

Neurological symptoms

  • Imbalance:
  • dizzy/faint
  • ‘shoulder bumps’ – frequently bumping into or falling against walls
  • general unsteadiness, especially when showering and dressing
  • inability to stand up with eyes closed or in the dark
  • Numbness/tingling – especially in hands, arms, legs, feet
  • Tinnitus – nerve damage in the brain

Less common symptoms

  • Irritability/frustration/impatience; desire for isolation, quiet and peace; aversion to bright lights and crowded spaces
  • Unaccountable and sudden diarrhoea often reported following a spell of constipation
  • Sleep disturbance
  • even though patient is exhausted, is unable to sleep
  • waking up still tired, even after many hours sleep
  • Hair loss – can range from moderate to severe; premature greying of hair
  • Poor digestion
  • Burning legs and feet – Grierson-Gopalan Syndrome
  • Neuropathic pain/fibromyalgia – often on only one side of the body
  • Vertigo – inability to cope with heights, linked to the need for a visual reference as compensation for damage to the brain’s balance mechanism
  • Hypo- or hyper-thyroidism – almost exclusively among females
  • Psoriasis/eczema/acne
  • Rosacea – a reddening of the skin around the nose and cheeks
  • Arrhythmia – irregular, fast or slow heartbeat
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Coeliac disease – sensitivity to wheat and/or wheat products
  • Myasthenia Gravis – weak muscles leading to problems swallowing, chewing and opening eye(s)
  • Vitiligo – white patches that develop on the skin
  • Psoriatic Arthritis

This is for indicative purposes only and is NOT a definitive tool for self-diagnosing.

Thank you to Pernicious Anemia Society for this list.

Now I’ve scared you into hopefully taking action, here’s how I managed to get the help I needed and why I suggest everyone over 50 or with a thyroid issue needs to have a B12 baseline test when they feel good and compare it to a B12 test when feeling rough.


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Adrenal issues and still using your mobile phone at night!

There is more evidence being gained all the time about blue light emitted from mobile phones, computers and TV screens and how they affect our health and in particular our sleep patterns.

Are you still looking at your phone late at night, leaving it switched on by your bed side or leaving it charging overnight.
One of the steps I took in the initial days of my recovery from adrenal fatigue was to switch off ALL, yes All electrical appliances in my whole home with the exception of my fridge/freezer overnight.
It allowed my adrenals a break from something that we have manufactured but that our bodies cant cope with.
Here is a blog to read more

For those of you for whom pictures mean more than words then …


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