What a weekend and a bit! – Living with ME, Monday morning.

Thought I would write a post about my last weekend and that it will give hope to those who are in the stages of ME where there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

I was diagnosed with ME in 2013 and basically told by my Dr that it was all in my head and that perhaps he should submit me to a dementia ward.

Needless to say I am not the type of person to accept that because I am like many ME sufferers we have always strived  to be our best and often put others before ourselves. And so I started on my road to recovery and thought I would share how now I unconsciously make decisions that keep me in the best health possible whilst loving a full life.

Thursday night it was off to the Cinema to watch Mamma Mia. We chose now because the crowds have drifted away and that means less electrical energy from a crowd of people. The seating choice is always the back row to give my eyes the best chance to cope with all the bright colours. For the adverts which are fast paced and very colourful, I wore my sun glasses – who cares what it looks like, it works for me!

Friday after work we ate at Cabovino, a great choice because the food is freshly cooked with no additives. The prawns are coated in spices and honey which is a natural soother and the burgers are hand made.
Then it was to a Rock concert. Middle and central row seats for us so I was in the right place for the speakers without getting over stressed.

Saturday was a full on work day with a party to go to after work. When I got to the party it was a choice of sitting inside the house or enjoying the summer house in the garden. Well of course being in nature is a great is a great way to get relief of symptoms for the adrenal glands, so the garden in the summer house won. A few glasses of red wine later and it was time for bed at 2am.

Sunday was a chill around the house and pottering in the garden measuring up for a spot for a green house as I make the move to growing more of my own vegetables for my breakfast juice.
Off to the city of Chester for a drink in a chill out bar Alexanders whilst listening to live Jazz. The stomach was calling so we tried a Turkish restaurant and I loved my food and again was happy to see that we had chosen a place that cooked from fresh.
Later on it was off to see Sir Tom Jones at Chester racecourse. A great venue for me as it is outdoor and very open to the natural elements. We were crying with laughter as the rain hit and turned the racecourse to mud! Very squishy.

Monday back into work after my breakfast of juice including courgette from my garden and then I get offered a butterflied chicken breast – a perfect reminder of the thyroid health I always work towards.

For me it’s all about choices. I choose to do things that could affect my adrenals and send them stressed. I also choose to be outdoors and eat ‘real’ food rather than processed. Yes I love a drink of wine and I balance with lots of water. Life is for living, even with a an illness that is classed as both a disability and life limiting. I’m living to the full and with balance.

Cabovino New Brighton

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I’ll never work again – update

So it was May that I wrote the blog I’ll never work again and it was very scary.

I was in a job that I not just hated but that was bringing me down into a deep depression that my partner was encouraging me to seek medical help with. I knew it was the job, the institutionalized habits of employees and sheer bullying yet I had been  so proud to achieve a recognised good job in a big company. It was with a great sense of achievement I walked through the door on that first day realising how far I had come from my bed ridden ME days.
It was not for me and I carried that letter of resignation with me for a month before admitting defeat and handing it in.

So now what has happened since. It was scary to hand the notice in and be adrift from the working world again. I had no idea as to which way I would go in not working again and yet knowing that income had to be had. I just had to find a way to do things that I loved that would bring in income.
I spent a lot of time meditating and my mantra was
‘even though I don’t know what I am doing with my life I truly love, trust and believe in myself and I am open to great opportunities’
Now OK that might not sound like much but I was helping to train my brain into loving myself as it all starts with a bit of self belief , I was also training my brain to look for opportunities and great ones at that. A lot of people don’t believe in the power of the brain or in focusing it but it is a simple fact that it works and I can prove it to you.

How many red cars did you see on your way to work/shop/gym….this morning.
Bet the answer is ‘haven’t got a clue!….or Not many…..’
Now on your way home tonight  or on your next trip out ask the same question and you will notice that the focusing opens you up to observe and take note.

That means if you focus your brain it will help you seek out your opportunities and that is what has happened to me.

My life now is so different, I no longer have that morning dread of going to work, instead I am energised by the life my passions are giving me.
I love Cabovino for the great food we serve, the wonderful customers we have and the feeling that they are invited into our private dining room. It’s a social life as well as a passion for me of great customer service. I was recently asked by the Boss to go on a beer tasting session with her, now that is a great job!

I also work one day a week for a small engineering company. It gives me the stretching of my brain as I learn new systems and work towards order in a new workplace and keeps my accounting and Health & Safety knowledge alive. I love being one day a week in an office environment and have been asked by another local firm, because of recommendations, if I want to work with them too.

Then I have my other passion of Spain and property and working on marketing for a great company who fill peoples dreams of a fantastic home in the sun. I went through all the paperwork issues and concerns and now I am part of a team to make that life change much easier.

What this is all doing is allowing me to use my skills and passions to bring in money. To then fill my life with great friends and times. Developing my love of gardening and growing food I need for my morning juice and also time to walk and take pictures. As well as being adopted by a cat who I have just found out is called Dexter and now renamed in honour of our favourite place as Altea.
In fact my health is feeling so good that I am thinking of reducing some of the medication I take, now that will be another truly amazing adventure.

It was a huge step to take and I had to trust. I am still on my journey and loving the moment. The Now.


Aldertons Property Finding  Agency                                             Cabovino New Brighton

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Walking the walk!

Gill Brookshaw - Recover your Life

As a life coach we have to make sure we walk the walk not just talk the talk and it was my time to do just that, and what would I learn from this experience.

One of my statements for this year is
To accept challenges that help me see more of the world’.

This is taken from about the halfway point.This is taken from about the halfway point.

The challenge was to walk up
La Sierra De Bernia and sleep out in the open overnight. Sounds wonderful and will help me see much more of the scenery around here. Sleeping in the open will help my body to detox and allow all the electrical energy that upsets my adrenal glands to drain away back into the earth. A fabulous opportunity to enjoy all that life has to offer.

S – start right now – yes I will accept the challenge as it will be good…

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Supermarket Dramas

Just interesting when trying to integrate in Spanish life….

Gill Brookshaw - Recover your Life

Yes shopping in Spain is wonderful. Yet problematic too!

Tue Mkt 4

I just love the local markets with their huge selection of fresh fruits.and vegetables. Totally perfect for my healthy juice each morning. I know it sound horrible and yes it does take some getting used to but I love the natural kick that those vitamins give me.
Some stalls sell fruit and vegetables that are produced locally, others go to a warehouse to buy there so you do have to check out who you want to buy from if you want the most local and fresh produce. Don’t expect standard sizes and shapes, well they taste no different if they look a bit odd!

It is the supermarkets that give me problems.
When I first moved in there were a pile of cleaning products left behind.

Selection of cleaning productsSelection of cleaning products

There were so many that we could not distinguish between floor…

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Spanglish Fiestas

Summer is all about partying on the streets. Both countries do this differently and you can choose which one you want to be at or if living the Spanglish life you can have both options.

People always ask me’ do you miss Spain?’ I say ‘No’ and its true as I live in the world where I am yet I do compare the life styles…….

A few years back I decided to organise a typical English street party. It took months of planning and a great deal of paperwork with the local council to close off the street which was a dead end street having no impact on through traffic.

It was a very English affair with a Jazz band, bouncy castle, old fashioned games and competitions. I must admit the adults took the hula hoop competition very seriously!
This was the first time in many years that the neighbors had stopped and chatted to each other with each home donating food and drink to the table to share. With over 100 of us and children meeting for the first time. We 9 to 5ers actually had the time to meet each other rather than a ‘Hi’ across the cars as we rushed to work or the school run. It was a really great day blessed with sunshine and happiness and a sense of community that lingers on today and even though I no longer live on the street I still get stopped and asked ‘Gill, when is the next one?’

In the same town of West Kirby they recently had a Summer fiesta to raise funds for the local and outstanding Cancer Care Hospital, Clatterbridge. The idea was to have live bands playing from 1pm till 10pm in various pubs and parks across the town. I talked to an organisor who told me of the months of planning and how pubs who came on at the last minute were complaining that they were not on the publicity posters – well I understood that one having done my little street party – it’s very easy to offend the English!

This one you can see is based around pubs and drinking, even the open air venues had bars open for drinks and the atmosphere was much more adult based than child and family friendly. I must admit the young 9 year old lady, whose name I didn’t get could really sing and had great stage presence though perhaps a bit older in styling that her age should really show. The weather was not so kind to us as it was raining and cloudy for most of the day keeping people away from the outside stages. I met with friends, well it is a small town and I was bound to bump into a few I knew and they were all loving it and some were helping by carrying buckets for donations to the Cancer Charity and I knew that yes, it was drinking, yes the bands were great and Yes a lot of money was being raised.

I was lucky enough to see quite a few fiestas in Spain from the Sant Juan in Altea to the Sant Juan in Menorca, New Year fiesta in Altea Old Town square and then fiestas just for the fun of them and summer fireworks too. The one thing that always gets  me is that in Spain it is truly a family affair. Yes there are plenty of drinks available but they have a different approach to the alcohol. It’s there to be enjoyed and not to ruin the day. At the New Years eve fiesta in Altea there would be over 2,000 people in the square enjoying live bands, a free party pack with hat and streamers and free cava. Yet I saw only 4 police men on duty and never any issues. People started drinking at Midnight and partied on till 6am.
Here are some pictures of fiestas in Spain and you will see it is all about family first, then party and then drinking.

So be it English or Spanish partying that you prefer you can choose your own style. In Spain you will get more chance to meet and mingle with your neighbourhood at a fiesta because the weather is better and they are more organised in bringing together these events. In the UK they are more intimate – you choose.

SO for a taste of Spanglish life then seek your ideal place in the sun with Aldertons or if you live in Merseyside or Cheshire or are travelling here then meet me at Cabovino where I will talk Spanglish living to you.

Happy Summer

Aldertons Property Finding  Agency                                             Cabovino New Brighton

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Never work again…..I am giving it a go!

I feel it with every inch of my being…I’m never going to work again.
It’s been a whilst since I felt like this and always pulled back. This time I’m feeling ready to take on new challenges and really put my skills to the test doing things that I am passionate about.
Blogging is one of them in the hope that I inspire someone else to take a step off the middle road and to achieve their potential.
Then I love helping in animal rescue work and I would love a dog of my own yet know the money I would spend can be better used to saves more lives than just one.
Must not forget my love of Spain, it’s food, people and life style that suits me so well.
Not everyone knows about my passion for property, I love turning properties from something old and dated to a place filled with love and hopes. In fact every property I have lived in be it rental or owned when it has come to the time to move on it always flies off the shelf. I love that feeling of passing on something amazing. Here are a few pictures of my recent home and transformation, my lovely cat was exploring on that first day and he just had to check out every inch!

Recently though life has been very different. I was in a job that I hated. Well about 50% of it I loved and that was filling my passion for helping people. The other 50% was  illogical and out of date systems that you got criticised over if you highlighted how improvements could be made and a very negative staff attitude. It was all about ‘me’ being OK with my 30 years of service and go read the instruction manual – which might has well been written in Chinese for all the sense it made to me. Yet no would listen to the fact that my learning style was to watch, be observed and make my own notes.
The training style was to coach the life out of their staff. Now coaching is great and I love it, it just has to be used correctly. You train staff first in their learning style. Then when they are competent you can coach to bring out better skills. You can’t coach a trainee who needs support and advice to learn.
It got to the point that even though I loved the customers and doing the right thing by them, as asked to do, but I would never reach targets because I cared too much! I would walk to work crying, put a face on for the customers and then by the time it was home time I would be racked with heart breaking tears as my soul was smashed. My partner would pick me up from work as I was too weakened to walk, just broken.
I was going to work to pay the bills, going to a place that was destroying me.
Night after night I had horrible nightmares of paperwork being thrown at me with red pen all over it, I was covered under the pile. They never had the time to help me ‘ just read the manual’…..then the dreams got worse. I would be on a tall building and I would jump and just as I was about to smash onto the floor I would see myself observing my fall and I was telling myself that it was a great thing to do. Scary.

My health suffered due to the stress and my thyroid medication stopped working as my poor adrenals were over dosed with stress hormones and could not maintain the conversion I needed within my body. I became weak and tired, isolated from everyone and not able to see any good in life, I was heavily back into all those horrible ME symptoms.
My partner must have been at his wits end as I went to bed sobbing and begging each night not to wake up in the morning. I still wasn’t able to hand my notice in as I’ve never failed in my life, I have always turned things around. Yes 2 marriages that didn’t work out but I clearly understand the learning I got from them. Then I got so bad that I wanted the dreams to be real and I began checking out the tall buildings I could access easily, that was the day I handed in my notice. I admitted I was a failure.
The next day though, showed me quite the opposite. It was an incident in work regarding a customer and I just wanted to explode at the injustice that was being suggested. That was it. Mind made up, no regrets, no looking back. I had not failed, I had chosen the wrong job in a company whose ethos did not meet my higher standards and it was time to move on.
I was asked by my Manager if I was sure I was doing the right thing, then she looked me full in the face for just a second and said ‘I can tell by your smile that it is right for you, I’ve never seen you smile so much’.

Just a month left and I had to think about a new life. My depression had completely lifted. It was about me making that decision, being brave to admit it was the wrong place for me and then I was shown exactly why it was the wrong place and my fear of failure changed to ‘what now….’ There is no point in fearing failure as it has so many lessons to teach you, learn and move on.

It’s not work when it is passion……

I still had a month of going through that door and dreading the day ahead yet now I had a focus. Get that pay packet in to cover me for 2 months and then rebuild my life.
I took steps to recover myself

Now I have reached a point in which I can take steps to move forward, it may not be my ultimate destination but for sure I am following my passion.
I love being with people so a bar job at Cabovino is right for me and I look forward to being a mentor to the lovely owner as she seeks to find her true direction in life.
Then by reaching out I have the chance to follow another real passion combining people and property in a really unique business with Aldertons of Spain. It’s hitting so many points on my passion list that I happily start my day networking and helping people.
May every day be a day you follow your passion rather than work.

Remember my steps to my better health and living by passion can be yours too. If you wish to contact me please do email info@recoveringme.co.uk

Aldertons Property Finding  Agency                                             Cabovino New Brighton

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