Want better performing employees then hire a career coach for them.

A quote from Richard Branson inspires me for my employees and co-workers

“Train your staff to be able toleave…treat them so well that they don’t want too”

Today I found this article and if you want 26% more performance from your staff then hire a career coach and high performance team coach for them.

Happily re publishing this great article.



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Never be jealous it’s all in the perspective

Thought I would share a blog from a lovely lady I have met. She really made me think and stop. I have been comparing myself and my blog to lots of others recently and wondering why they are famous and my blog is still so unknown.

In this blog I was reminded that another persons success has been built up over years and not to think that it was easy for them.
Enjoy this writing, I did and it helped me re-balance my thinking.


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Love words and the power either spoken or written

By Caitlin Kelly I’ve been slinging words for a living, since my sophomore year of university. I’ve never formally studied writing, except for a degree from a demanding faculty in English lit. I originally wanted to be a radio DJ, but knew I wanted to write for a living from a very early age, maybe […]

via The pleasures of writing — Broadside

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My kind of juice

Managing Type 2 Diabetes By Using Green Smoothie How do I control my blood sugar? How do you manage type 2 diabetes? Are strawberries good for a diabetic? What lowers blood sugar? Hi Friends, Watch More Top Five Health Care Videos Click here: https://goo.gl/UnZvu8 Today I am Going To Show You , How To […]

via Managing Type 2 Diabetes By Using Green Smoothie — Orange Health

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Beautiful photography

When high pressure’s in charge and there’s a foggy murk that casts a dark shadow in the valleys, it’s often a different world higher up. Just climb a few hundred metres and you emerge from the darkness into the light: the sun shines brightly in a deep blue sky and there below lies a sea […]

via Above the clouds — Wild about Scotland

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And then there was dance.

Dr said that I would never get better and lying in my bed with no energy and in so much pain I cried as I turned over…I could almost believe him. Yet I knew my body was crying out for help and on the days I achieved even cleaning my teeth I congratulated myself and visualized my better days ahead. Through self love, forgiveness, research and peeling away each layer of the illness I slowly got better. Congratulating myself for those first few and very painful steps instead of crawling on hands and knees I visualised slowly walking into the garden. Using my walking stick and realising the pain was proof I was alive I built up to walking into my garden and being able to stand on the grass for just a minute. Then very slowly the minute became longer and longer, the stick used less and less and with each layer I peeled off the illness, like an onion revealing its sweet centre the better I became.
Now I am dancing again and better that that I had the mental clarity to actually teach again.
If you no longer want to believe what your own self talk tells you then let me help you.

Here is my proof.

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