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Never be jealous it’s all in the perspective

Thought I would share a blog from a lovely lady I have met. She really made me think and stop. I have been comparing myself and my blog to lots of others recently and wondering why they are famous and … Continue reading

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Love words and the power either spoken or written

By Caitlin Kelly I’ve been slinging words for a living, since my sophomore year of university. I’ve never formally studied writing, except for a degree from a demanding faculty in English lit. I originally wanted to be a radio DJ, … Continue reading

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My kind of juice

Managing Type 2 Diabetes By Using Green Smoothie How do I control my blood sugar? How do you manage type 2 diabetes? Are strawberries good for a diabetic? What lowers blood sugar? Hi Friends, Watch More Top Five Health Care … Continue reading

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Beautiful photography

When high pressure’s in charge and there’s a foggy murk that casts a dark shadow in the valleys, it’s often a different world higher up. Just climb a few hundred metres and you emerge from the darkness into the light: … Continue reading

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And then there was dance.

Dr said that I would never get better and lying in my bed with no energy and in so much pain I cried as I turned over…I could almost believe him. Yet I knew my body was crying out for … Continue reading

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