Parking – England 1 vs Spain 5

Yes in Spain they win or perhaps lose at parking over the UK!
I’ve noticed over here that  the cars are perhaps a bit more marked from parking bumps than they are in England, I’ve said all along that I would not want to drive a posh car over here. Perhaps though if I could afford the posh car I’d also be able to afford the repairs!
If you think parking is bad in West Kirby with the commuters going to work and the hordes on the beaches then try over here…

CP3Something that is amazing over here is that cars seem to fit into the tiniest spaces, perhaps with a gentle nudging but the best at spotting a tiny spot and putting a huge car in it are the Spanish.
Yet if you can’t find a space then double parking on a corner across a zebra crossing will do nicely! (Yellow van)

CP1I was sitting quietly on my computer when I heard the ‘parp, parp’ of an annoyed motorist. Nothing wrong with that. I live by a set of traffic lights and if you don’t instantly react that you get ‘parped!’ Again ‘paaarp, paaaarp’. This time a bit longer to let people know. Well by now my curiosity was raised and I looked down to see that parking in the town must be must be bad today. A driver had decided to park across an apartment block garage and walk away.

CP2It’s been going on 10 minutes now and guess what happens, another car wants to get into the garage and can’t. Parking really is at a premium today. The drivers were calling to each other, horns were being ‘Paaaaaarped, paaaaaarp’, frustration rising. Over the balconies of the two blocks at least 10 people were hanging out their windows and claiming no knowledge of the illegal car and driver.

The guy coming out the garage must have had an important appointment and also perhaps influence as he was now on the phone to the Police and requesting a tow truck!
CP4Just as I was thinking, ‘well this can’t get worse’, it does. The next apartment block along, it’s garage door swung open and yet another car is stuck in the mayhem. Three car horns now all going. People are walking up and down the street, calling into shops and bars trying to find the driver and get them to shift.
20 minutes now and total impasse, still no Police, still no tow truck.
Then like a magic trick that slowly unfolds, two guys appear and rush to their car. Where from no one saw, till they reached the handles of the car and dove straight in, avoiding the confrontation that was going to happen. All over so quick I didn’t realise it was them till I saw the car drive off and turn right.

Just as the CP5 CP7Policeman turned left into the road, followed by the tow truck. By the time the angry drivers had explained that the car had
‘just driven away, right under your nose’
well it was too late to follow it!

Scoring, my fun bit…..
England 1 – less marked cars from parking incidents
Spain 5  – fitting a car into a tiny spot
– double parking
– double parking on a bend!
– parking across a garage and causing mayhem
– escaping with only a verbal assault
– getting back to your car before the police and tow truck!

Just how lucky do you feel today. Breaking the law is not acceptable but you can put luck on your side by being prepared to meet whatever the day throws at you with knowledge and respect!

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Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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