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3 Builders in 1 day

When facing crushing odds, a miracle can happen. It was just one of those days when anything that could go wrong did go wrong and it started with a feeling first thing in the morning that today was going to … Continue reading

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The Slow Walk

Living in Spain taught me one thing that I did not even realise till I returned to the UK. OK living in Spain taught me many things and so many things that I could appreciate at the moment, yet this … Continue reading

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A Blackbird shows the way

It’s been a long time since I blogged and it’s thanks to my lovely friend in Altea, Sara for reminding me that I should write as life has changed so much and I hope that my stories will encourage others … Continue reading

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Want better performing employees then hire a career coach for them.

A quote from Richard Branson inspires me for my employees and co-workers “Train your staff to be able toleave…treat them so well that they don’t want too” Today I found this article and if you want 26% more performance from … Continue reading

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Never be jealous it’s all in the perspective

Thought I would share a blog from a lovely lady I have met. She really made me think and stop. I have been comparing myself and my blog to lots of others recently and wondering why they are famous and … Continue reading

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Love words and the power either spoken or written

By Caitlin Kelly I’ve been slinging words for a living, since my sophomore year of university. I’ve never formally studied writing, except for a degree from a demanding faculty in English lit. I originally wanted to be a radio DJ, … Continue reading

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