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Doctors, Blood Tests and Hope.

Sent my MP a letter complaining about the treatment that hypothyroid  patients get. Drs stick to blood tests leaving us suffering for months whilst our endochrine system goes into down – grade. It leaves us with weakened immune systems, poor … Continue reading

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Shades of grey, the message.

It’s the must read book of the year! Did you buy the books or hide the cover on your kindle? Well it was an e book first! If you’ve not read the book and are going to or perhaps in … Continue reading

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Ploughing into rejuvenation with a rabbit and a dog!

It’s been going over 5,000 years. Offering a union of mind, body and spiritual self. Does modern day life throw you off balance? Well at this stage in my recovery I knew I had detoxed and eliminated toxins. I was … Continue reading

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Funeral of an older friend.

Yes, it may seem an unusual thing to write about though it is interesting what these occasions can teach you. I’d just moved in and my neighbours invited me to a surprise 90th Birthday party. So the first time I … Continue reading

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The Olympian diet – on holiday.

Everyone talks about the Mediterranean diet and I thought that I would do a comparison and see how I felt after a holiday. Which diet works for me and possibly for you too if you have a hectic lifestyle with or … Continue reading

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Breaking up is hard to do!

Every minute of every day, change happens in your life. A cell in your body dies and is replaced with a new one, so if you don’t accept change you are defying natures greatest gift in keeping you alive! As … Continue reading

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