Recover your Life!

To create there first must be a thought!

You want to

  • Be more confident on a daily basis with tips and tools to help in those tougher times.
  • Think more effectively, make better decisions and take purposeful actions
  • Handle easily those challenging problems and people
  • Motivate your team to become high performance team for maximum results
  • Have the lifestyle you want, by delegating and dropping those time wasting moments
  • Identify the three qualities of all successful entrepreneurs
  • Increase your sales and improve customer satisfaction
  • Identify your 3 most important tasks that contribute the most value to your business and career
  • Overcome your blocks to greater personal productivity.
  • Time Management is not just in Business, but your whole life too.

Life and Time Management
we all procrastinate each and every day, yet the most successful people know the tricks to make their lives work effectively.
Do you often find you have too much to do and not enough time to do it in, well here are some tips to help.

Top 5 tips to a better planned life, because time is your most precious and also limited resource…………

  • Think in the moment and achieve all you can Now
  • What are the quality areas to focus on in your life and why are they important
  • Use the 80/20 Rule. Do you know this rule works as when you focus  on 20% of your task list will produce the most results. Before starting, work on tasks in your top 20% instead of the bottom 80% first.
  • Break big tasks into smaller parts. This is a great life and business tip, breaking things into small chunks makes the task much easier to achieve.
  • Fully prepare for each task. It may seem an old fashioned thing ‘Be prepared’ from the old scouting days, yet it is a great practice to do each and every day. Get everything together that you will need and then Focus.

So I have given you my top tips, a free book and now you are wondering when I can get all this free stuff why should I work with you……

Because I will make you accountable for your actions and I will help you achieve your dreams far quicker than working alone.

What are you thinking about and wondering how to create your better future

Are you

  • recovering from illness
  • coping with redundancy
  • looking at retirement
  • going through a divorce or relationship ending
  • ready to grow your business
  • wondering what next?
  • happy to start a new career and don’t know how
  • ready to change the world
  • wanting time out!
  • why are my staff paid more than me!
  • working on my own was about Freedom!

Here’s what people say about my programmes and directive coaching style.

JL says
‘My time management at work and home have improved as a result of this coaching and I am able to spend more quality time with my husband and family.’

SH says
I can assess and plan my life choices much easier, I set goals and always achieve them. Coaching has really boosted my confidence and self – esteem and that is priceless. I will work with you again and will recommend you to everyone’.

PK says
‘I’ve always felt over-whelmed by my family. By using skills taught by Gill I’ve found the confidence to talk through a complete life move with them and I’m off to America now!’

 AD says
‘Your unbiased listening, understanding and questioning helped me create a goal. I’ve taken small steps to build my confidence and will now be changing my career direction completely.’

Ready to move on with your life and
are now ready to take action….
book your free 20 minute introductory session here.

Recovering Me – Positive Actions came about after years working in Training and Project/Process Management. I had always helped people change the course of their lives, yet did not know how I helped. So a re-qualification in directive coaching and calling on my years of practice I can now help you move on to and get those results quicker than if you tried on your own. It may be your first step to better health, or finding your passion to have a great business or to appreciate all that retirement can give you. I am now here and ready to move you on now.

Help with thyroid issues over emails is free of charge, so please feel free to email me.
Remember that this information is my personal view only and does not replace Good medical assistance. Please always seek out a Good Doctor.

Recovering Me
Call 03302200112 (UK local call rates)
Mobile 07985717917

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10 Responses to Recover your Life!

  1. russ says:

    Great article.

  2. russ says:

    loving this blog and the good info it gives on living a balanced life without going to diet exyremes.

  3. Liz Whittall says:

    Thank-you- your blog is motivational and I send you love and positivity. X

    • recoveringme says:

      Thanks Liz, I do appreciate the feedback and will carry on writing in my style.
      My life is going to take a huge change soon and hope you enjoy what is to come.
      Best wishes
      Gill X

  4. Terry says:

    An important day for you, Gill, but perhaps not completely a sad one. Perhaps the correct thing is to think of it as a rebirth: a new start: a new life. Thank you so much for helping me, with advice based on your long and painful years of experience, and for your friendship. Take care, lovely Gill, and enjoy the next phase of your life. Hope to see you there, in the sunny climate of your rebirth. T xx

    • recoveringme says:


      thanks for your kind words.
      I look forward to writing about new things that will also have an impact on your recovery, as I learn – so will I share my knowledge.
      Let’s take the next steps together as great friends, supporters and motivators so that we both get the best of everything life has to offer.
      Gill X

  5. Russ says:

    The continuing on-going story is that you are getting better. These pages give so much information and I hope others are inspired at what you have learned, what you have done and understand that in the depths of this illness there is a lot of hope.

  6. Kate spelling says:

    Hi Gill I only met you last week and I had no idea ! You come across as a strong organised lady so whatever you are doing you are doing it right !

    • recoveringme says:

      Hi Kate, thanks for those kind words and yes I am doing what is right. If what I write can then help others then I will be really happy.
      Being strong was something I did to hide my illness from the world. Now I’m not so strong but I am better. There are times I know I have to back off and away and I think that is a new form of courage for me.
      We all learn different lessons in life and Spain and the dogs are teaching me so much that it has been great to be involved. Though maybe I need some back off time now.
      Will still be writing but perhaps not so active on the dogs front.
      Listen to your own body and take care of it. It speaks to you in many ways and I had to learn to listen. It’s a valuable lesson.
      Thanks again for reading

  7. tattoomamaofthree says:

    Thank you for sharing you knowledge and life lessons. That is why I came back to the world of blogging. It can be scary sharing but it is also a good form of therapy.

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