Vitamin B12

I’ve done tons of reading and the thing that has struck me is that people with hypothyroidism and also those that have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or even worse, both together, well we all seem to have a bit of an issue with Vitamin B12. Yet it has never been mentioned to me by a GP and I’ve now seen 4 from my surgery.
It took my research and my persistence to even get a blood test done and then to argue that whilst I was showing within the NHS healthy range I had all the symptoms of B12 deficiency and  could I please ‘try’ the injections.
I got them and they make an amazing difference to you. So here is what I know:-

  • The NHS serum B12 blood test performed by the NHS measures both your good and your junk B12. It doesn’t know the difference.
  • The range (223 – 1132) is large and that people with CFS and hypothyroid need to be near to the top. I had severe symptoms at 244 and 351 and knew my symptoms were returning when I was at 873.
  • Try and get a homocystane (HCY) test. The levels for this are 2.2 – 13.3 umole.
  • If you decide to take supplements get Methylcobalamin 1000ug. Buy anything else and its cynocobalamin, the junked out stuff and could well be a waste of money. I was surprised to see its the junked out stuff that seems to be the version added into a lot of our fortified foods.
  • We get B12 from meat, though not everyone can convert this into the usable stuff.

So down to the symptoms and you will be surprised at the list provided by the Pernicious Anemia Society

B12 Test

Download the .pdf HERE. Could you be B12 Deficient? Pick out your symptoms and add up the score :

  • Strange Tiredness  – 5 points
  • The Fogs – lack of clarity/difficulty in concentrating –  5 points
  • Breathlessness – ‘The Sighs’ or ‘The Gulps’ – 5 points
  • Brittle nails – 5 points
  • Brittle nails with ridges extra – 5 points
  • Pins and needles – usually in your hands and feet – 5 points
  • Swollen and/or sore Tongue – 5 points
  • Sudden unaccountable bouts of diarrhoea – 5 points
  • Balance problems – 5 points
  • General unsteadiness – 5 points
  • Vertigo – 5 points
  • Burning legs or feet – 5 points
  • Tinnitus – 2 points
  • Irritability/anger/lacking patience – 2 points
  • Family history of B12 Deficiency/Pernicious Anaemia – 2 points
  • Hair loss – 1 point
  • Dry skin (including scalp) – 1 point
  • Lack of concentration – 1 point
  • Memory loss – 1 point
  • Insomnia – 1 point
  • Premature greying of hair – 1 point
  • Psoriasis/eczema/acne – 1 point
  • Rosacea – 1 point
  • Arrhythmia – 1 point
  • Vitiligo – 1 point
  • Anaemia – 1 point
  • Infertility – 1 point
  • Dizziness – 1 point
  • Bleeding gums/mouth ulcers – 1 point
  • Loss of appetite/weight loss – 1 point
  • Neuropathic pain – 1 point
  • Numbness – 1 point
  • Depression/anxiety – 1 point
  • Confusion – 1 point
  • Blurred vision – 1 point

Add up your score then apply the following criteria: 66 Make an urgent appointment to see your doctor to discuss these symptoms.1 – 65, make an appointment to see your doctor at your convenience to discuss the symptoms

Note – this test is for information only and is NOT an aid to self-diagnosis.

Your Doctor is the best person to give you advice.
This test is NOT a substitute for advice from your Doctor.

I’m just trying to get as much helpful information into one place, so I hope this is of use

Work to better health, yours!

Recovering Me
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4 Responses to Vitamin B12

  1. Russ says:

    I am the world’s worst at going to the drs, but then I am a guy!
    You do show us that we need to be aware of our health and to really listen to our bodies. Most of the time I just do the same old stuff and then wonder why I’m tired and put it down to work or stress. Maybe I need to stop and listen to my body once in a while.

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