No return date!

It’s great coming back to the UK, so much to see and do. Lots of friends to catch up with, but how do I really feel about not having a return date to Spain! It’s now Coffee time, coffee shops, shopping malls and huge TVs.

First things first and that is catching up with my cat, and then my friends and even though I’ve only been out of Spain for 24 hours, I’m already having a dog craving! So it’s wonderful to walk in the woods with my friends and watch their dog go romping off to find scents and pleasures, which of course I compare it to Spain. I find it hard to imagine Mr Jones being off the lead and having such fun. Would it be allowed in Spain?. Could I trust him?

Evie house Evie beachAs if that walk wasn’t enough it was quickly time for another walk. My friends dog, who is named `Evie`, knew my footsteps as I approached her door and the bark was a welcoming bark, not a `back off` warning bark.  The beach was cold, grey and misty, yet still in its eerie way, beautiful and of course deserted. Through mud puddles and rivulets of fresh water coming off the cliff side Evie ran and chased the stones we threw for her. Till she became exhausted and it became a trot by our sides.

Early darkness back in England now and the cold means the central heating`s on, and an indoor lazy life style, and wow! watching Strictly Come dancing on a huge TV. All so different from Altea and my life there. Even though its cold and dark over there I still would be out walking so much more in the really fresh air.

Visits to Doctors and Hospitals soon got me back into the UK way of life and I’m faced with more tests when really all I want from them is a release to get on with my own thing! I understand they have to be seen to be doing the right thing but they have failed me and countless others, so why start now? Now they want bone density tests. I’ve been unable to have dairy produce for over 25 years and been asking about this ever since and NOW they decide to do something. I’m frustrated.
Yet the good thing about this was I had a day wandering around Liverpool and catching up on some of the Christmas spirit and it made me fall in love with my city again.

Liverpool St Georges Hall

Liverpool St Georges Hall

Liverpool viewThe first building you see when leaving Lime Street Railway Station is the truly magnificent St Georges Hall. A totally historic building with a magnificent plateau in front of it that has seen many celebrations, parties and exhibitions. The plateau looks across to the Liverpool Museum Buildings and you can see that this City had a magnificent history that is being reborn now for the hundreds of visitors that come here every day, week, month of the year.
St Geo Hall  2 It’s a city that mixes the so old and wonderful with the new.
Building work started in 1840 for this neoclassical style concert hall and court room building, which is now open to the public and holds civil marriage ceremonies. English Heritage listed this as a Grade 1 building and in 1969 the architectural historian Nikolaus Pevsner expressed his opinion that it is one of the finest neo-Grecian buildings in the world. In 2004 the hall and its surrounding area were recognized as part of Liverpool’s World Heritage Site.

City TowerMixing in the new, as Liverpool does very well, is what is now called The Radio City Tower, as it hosts the main local and commercial radio station.
It was built in 1969 as part of the shopping complex as a ventilation shaft for the coal fires that kept the shoppers warm and is 138 metres (452 ft) tall. Before it could be used, coal fires in the city were banned!

It is still the second tallest free-standing structure in Liverpool and now with the addition of the radio mast, it is now actually the tallest building in Liverpool and the 32nd tallest in the UK! Before becoming a radio station it was a rotating restaurant and my partners Mum actually worked there and met many stars who came to dine.

Off now to the very new shopping centre and here comparisons to Altea, just fade away.

Liverpool One Shopping Centre and its modern Christmas decorations

Liverpool One Shopping Centre and its modern Christmas decorations

Liverpool One

It’s hustle and bustle all the way. In fact I actually feel invisible as I get barged and shoved around. Till I lower my large red bowling bag style handbag to about men’s groin height and after a few hits – like telepathy all men in the area seemed to get the message!

It’s all so busy and noisy and just too much for the senses. Shopping overload, too much choice and the amount that people seem to be buying is obscene. Laden down with bags they waddle to the next shop or through the large doors of McDonalds, have they done that on purpose I wonder!


Time for a rest and I can’t get away from the loving to sit outdoors, even though the wind is chill and I’m in the shade. Outdoors is best.
There seems no time here to sit and rest, people rush past, speak quickly and have an urgency in their eyes. Yet also their eyes seem dead, defeated, no other life except consumerism.

A few days later and off to the motorbike show in Birmingham and by now I’ve forgotten just how many cups of de-caff coffee I’ve drunk since coming home. It’s not my normal Spanish life style or my way of eating now. I’m beginning to flag but not till my bowling bag red handbag comes into play again. How come you only have to hit one or two guys, accidentally of course, in the groin area before they all seem to get the message, I loved it!
Prince William 2Then just before me was Prince William chatting on a stand and trying out a few motorbikes for size. The crowds were immense, the security tight and watchful and yet also at a distance so that mere mortals like me could get close.
He’s seemed so confident, happy and relaxed in the job of his choosing, I hope he loves it as much as the crowd loved him.

Then 8 days after landing, I got caught out and had to just rest. Time to reflect on life over in the UK and over in Spain.
The food is better in Spain or is that just because I live on my own over there and their is only me to think of. In the UK there are two of us to think of and perhaps our eating styles and quantities are no longer the same. A freezer full of processed foods, where in Spain I’d be living on fresh vegetables from the market and quality meat from my butcher with cooking meals from scratch.
Process_flowchart_decaf_reducedCoffee is the order of the day and even though its de-caff I am drinking so much more than my 1 cup a day in Spain.
I’ve found out that de-caff only removes 97% of the caffeine and has so many added chemicals that I’m loading my body again.

Life is more about open air in Spain, here its about the central heating and the large screen TV and yes we even went to the pictures. Total sensory over-load so no wonder I’m beginning to feel rough.

However, this is all down to me not taking charge of my decisions. It is only me who can get my diet better again, who can not be controlled by a large TV. I can choose a walk over sitting in.

Instead of complaining about your life and your situation, take action. As only you can get off your own butt and make things happen. OK it’s not easy but there will be one small thing you can do to feel better, so start right now. I am.
Will I return to Spain, watch this space!

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Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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