Pink Bubbles!

I’d heard about this and then forgotten about it. Will it still work for me?

The other day a good friend reminded me about ‘pink bubbles’ it is a way of visualising something that you want as a positive in your life.

So the next day I tried it….
Whilst waiting for my train to Benidorm station that would then get me to the dog pound I decided to step inside my pink bubble. Now it was easier to imagine than I’d thought, as I’d recently seen the street acts in Alteas Fiesta blowing these huge bubbles. I thought of being cocooned safely inside one. A part of the world and able to see and hear all that is going on, yet distanced from it and safe. My visualisation was about money and I could feel it tumbling all over me, filling my hands, at my feet……Then the train arrived.
You buy your ticket on the train and then find a seat and I have the same old habit of finding one as near to that rear door as possible. Today I was drawn to a seat in the distance, away from everyone else who had the same thought as me.
The block was empty and as I sat down I touched something, it was a 1 euro coin! There was no one around to offer it back to so I had a chance to do something with that coin. I bought treats for the dogs I would walk, most of them are now beginning to learn what a treat is and to have something to encourage them with is wonderful. It was weird how that morning I’d forgotten to pack my supply, now here was an opportunity to buy fresh.

Now it’s Sunday and the morning has started dark and cooler at 25 degrees. The walk to Albir market takes about 50 minutes and would be pleasant in this weather. The bleakness of the day was interesting as blue sky was hanging around. It didn’t feel grey and miserable as the temperature was lovely and the clouds were moving swiftly.

Altea and it's geese and ducks

Altea and it’s geese and ducks

Little beach in Altea Marina area

Little beach in Altea Marina area

Chiringuito - beach hut on the little beach at Altea Marina

Chiringuito – beach hut on the little beach at Altea MArina

Whilst walking I again surrounded myself with my pink bubble this time I was visualising friends .

Keeping my awareness open I noticed how the grey skies were altering the lovely views, making them cold and yet interesting. People were in the sea by the beach hut. The weather is still warm and the sea is perfect for swimming on such a calm day.

I stayed focused as I walked and still inside my pink bubble I thought on friends and began to think over the new people I’ve met and it’s been mainly through yoga and the dogs. I’ve been getting myself all wound up about not having friends and yet when I look back in the UK there is only a limited number of close friends and its taken me a lifetime to build those, so why was I expecting miracles within only a few months. It’s worse here as everyone, including myself, is so transient. Most people don’t stay here forever, they come and go. Your circles change and it actually is good for you as your contacts keep changing giving you fresh contacts, conversations and fresh views.
My circle is becoming smaller and yet more connected. People I’ve met at dog walking are also now in my yoga class. Another person at dog walking knows the Spanish teacher I’m going too, she saw me when she was out walking with a friend and there was another introduction. The circle is getting better as I feel more connected.
The point was proven when I turned up at the pound and I was the only volunteer there. I walked dogs for an hour hoping for more help then I realised I had a friend, someone I could call who could help. I wanted her to make an internet call to get others to the pound, her wonderful reaction was
‘I’ll get in the car and come…..’
My pink bubble this time bought me to the realisation that I am making friends over here in Spain. They are not just a figment of my imagination. There are people who reach out to me and to who I can reach out too.
This time the pink bubble didn’t give me a friend it showed me to be grateful for the friends I have and they are turning into a lovely group of people.
Maybe I was wrong about the bubble not bringing me a friend as whilst writing this I’ve been interrupted by my phone. It was a call from a friend who has just returned to Spain after a summer in the UK. Lunch tomorrow sounds good to me……

Here’s some final pictures from my walk and it shows that no matter what the weather, if you can sit outdoors – then do so!

Before I go, where will pink bubble thinking take you? Give it a try and let me know how you get on…..

Beach towards Altea

Beach towards Altea

Beach towards Albir

Beach towards Albir

Restaurant Coco Loco Playa Albir

Restaurant Coco Loco Playa Albir

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