The clocks go back…

Just as in the UK, Spain moves its clocks to back and forward for summer and winter time. Yet the strange thing here is that we are one hour ahead of UK time but we are actually sitting on the Greenwich Meridian. Officially we could be on the same time zone as the UK!

Having said that it felt as though Autumn had arrived with the clocks going back and the evenings sunshine shortened by an hour. Instead of sitting on the beach till 5.30, it was time to move off at 4.30. Temperature cooling and longer evenings ahead, not a time I look forward to as it aggravates my health with all that electricity surrounding me.
Yet evenings here are still pleasant for a stroll and chance to take some Autumnal pictures.

P1060084 P1060088 P1060095From my apartment I cross a road and head to a beach. The one I choose is the quiet one and it is even more so this time of year. There is a broken marine wall that attracts fishermen and until tonight I never really knew what else.
I get to the beach and it’s hard and stony but the angle for pictures is great as I stoop down. Just forgot that I had to get up again at some point!


Turning around I see the light is changing quickly with the Old Town now light from behind with a gentle Autumn sunset, a cool light letting you know that sleep will be easier tonight.





 I wondered off onto the marine wall to watch the fishermen.


P1060114 P1060098Then out of the rocks came a whole family also enjoying time together fishing and having fun. A whole host of cats, watching with keen eyes for any morsels that may come their way from the kind fishermen catching and gutting fish at the waters edge.
P1060102The cats of Altea have a lovely spot but I’m not keen on their salty drinking water!
There is a woman who walks around the town each day giving them food and water. They have no problems with food as I’ve seen them at the water’s edge, fishing for themselves. Yes they do need the fresh water though.

Turning back towards the town I have to go back to my little beach and the light is fading fast.

P1060122 P1060120 P1060148

The waves are gentle this evening caressing the beach with a gentle relaxed lullaby that I could listen to for hours, were it not the Strictly Come Dancing Results show on soon!
The light almost flicks out and I was walk back along the path I feel a gentle breath of air around me. Looking up it’s another family, out having fun and getting fed. It’s the bats, small and delicate, aerodynamically filling themselves with the last of the bugs.

Back into town and the fountains are lit and giving a warm glow that leads you into town once more.


Time for a quick walk through town and I notice that even the shops are now decking themselves out with warm Autumn glows. There may not be the fall of the leaves here but the colours are reflected in the shops and in the clothes that people are now starting to wear.



Now it’s time for a quick chat and a drink before heading back for
my dose of Strictly Come Dancing, so it’s to The Cellar bar I go.
I find that Strictly is going to on the TV in their, well it’s better than my stop start internet viewing experience. Then a roast dinner is set before another customer and I’m salivating. They’ve run out but would I like Steak and Kidney pie instead with home made chips, all to go with my 2nd glass of wine. Well I would but I’ve only got enough money on me for 1 drink, so I’ll go without. Then I heard about the little black book behind the bar, just for occasions like this. Begins to feel rude not to and you wonder if there is a hidden purpose behind all this and it appeared.
A friend had been talking about my predicament, more about that in another blog, and whilst in the bar someone came in who had heard and had an answer for me.
Let’s just say that if you put out the question then often there is an answer and I may just have found mine.

What is your question today and I ask you to have faith that you will get an answer. It may not be how, what or the way you expect it to be but an answer you will get.
‘Keep practicing’ – positivity.

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Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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