A new life and its the dogs!

Will we have the courage to go for it and take that huge leap of faith that the Universe has sent crashing our way?

My partner has been made redundant and I, well with illness work has become a distant memory. It was time to accept the universe has told us to make a decision. We’ve been together 6 happy years and lived in our own homes.

Like most people we look at decision-making with some fear.
Will it be the right decision? What if we hate it? Why can’t we stay the way we are?
Now comes the crunch, do we live together or do we stay apart. Money needs thinking about as does me living in Spain and him in the UK.
So when a job offer comes along that seems to be the answer do we just jump at it or not and what ever decision we make will it be for the best.

It’s a job for a couple with living accommodation but no salary. That is OK as it leaves us with time to pursue another income making plan we have.
IMG_20131013_132513 IMG_20131013_132629It is to manage a dog and cat rescue centre. Wow we love animals and so that is perfect.

I apply knowing the odds are stacked against us, I don’t speak Spanish, I don’t have a car, my partner is still in UK, it’s in a new area.
All I write is a light email asking for more information about the job and the response says that all you need is a love of animals and an interview is set up.

Problem no car to get me to this out of the way place on a Sunday. Answer, I think through my friends and I have 5 people I can ask. Result, strike gold on ask number 1.
The interview goes well, I explain why my partner can’t be there – he is committed to a shift pattern in the UK that he won’t desert at the moment showing his commitment to a project. You have to find a positive spin on these negatives!

Problem, interview my partner, answer we set it up on skype. Result 2nd interview goes well and they think he is a lovely chap. I totally agree!

Problem, will my partner like what I like, answer let’s ask for a trial before we decide. Result ‘wow that’s a great idea……’

So we went along for 2 days.
IMG_20131013_132700 IMG_20131013_132721 IMG_20131013_132642 IMG_20131013_132603




A sweet little house with plenty of scope for a lovely garden for us and to set up an area for the dogs we want to save from Benidorm Dog Pound. This all seems so wonderful.
First afternoon and night was lovely. We took all the dogs for a walk, they had not been for a walk in ages as you could tell from the initial pull on the leads. Soon they were walking well and sniffing excitedly at all the new smells around them.
A peaceful evening meal and time to settle down for the night.
Dogs, not ours but surrounding houses howling all night long, setting ours off. Mosquitos dive bombing us all night long.
Next morning sore heads, hundreds of bites and not too happy about the place! We were helped as volunteers came back to show us the ropes of cleaning the pens and fussing the cats. When they had gone we took the dogs to the park area they have and gave them some fun time with us.
1pm and the rest of the day was ours, a trip to the seaside and a lunch. Back to shower and out to a dance class and a meal. Pleasant evening with dancers that bought home such memories of our dancing years together and a feeling of almost instant community. It stopped the thoughts of us setting up a dance business in this area as we could see how hard these folks had worked to create what they had, we can’t be that ruthless we decided.
Back to the cozy home. Mosquito spray had been done, so safe from attack but you can’t stop them getting you from the car to the house and instantly a hover of biting insects were above us. We checked the dogs and wished them a quiet goodnight.
Again, howling, calling, barking all night long and a totally disturbed sleep till about 6am when they decided to be quiet till the first neighbour left for work at 7am! Not the rescue dogs, but those around us.

We decided that despite thinking of solutions, ear plugs, double glazing, insulation it would not solve the problem and sleep is a critical factor for good health. Add in the mosquitos and because of my health I can’t use potions then this had become a non – starter for us.
We cleaned out the pens and by the time the helpers arrived we were taking dogs down to the park for some exercise. In return the helpers learned from us something about the personalities of each of the dogs and it was a pleasure to share that with them.

It was so tough to say ‘no’. We had energy not only for this job but for the charity as a good one to help out. The people running the charity were lovely and I felt they were being stretched to the limit and I wanted to help them. It was such a hard decision as we had already taken to the animals and poor Max being returned from his foster home and back into a dog pen, if only……
Yet we had to make the right decision for us. With great sadness we turned in the keys and said no to this place, this opportunity, this first home together so it was a huge decision. Another place would get a yes but this one was just not for us.

When working on your fear of making decisions you need to

  • gather information together first
  • take small steps
  • ask questions
  • talk with friends and listen to opinions
  • give something a trial
    and then the decision will become yours and a natural one.

Remember, whatever decision you make will be the right one as that is the one you put your energy into to make it work.

Finally be strong and make decisions and keep your ultimate goal for your future in mind when you do.

About recoveringme

Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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4 Responses to A new life and its the dogs!

  1. Diane Downie says:

    Gill and Russ….at least you gave ut a go and a lot of consideration… good on you and Im sure whatever happens youll be happy toghter….well done lil sis ! x

  2. recoveringme says:

    Thanks Diane, it was a hard choice and we still feel guilty about not staying there but yes we had to do what was right for us.
    Hope you can make the choices you need in life that are right for you too. X

  3. mary goodchild says:

    Alot of wisdom here Gill and Russ – Thankyou for that. xx

    • recoveringme says:

      Thanks Mary, we hope that we showed the reasons behind such a hard decision. We fell for the dogs and cats instantly and they seemed to take to us too. We wish the new Managers every success and we have offered our services at fund raising time as we do want to support this excellent organisation.

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