I’ve got a nick-name and it could be worse!

Sunday and another trip to the market with my shopping trolley for all the vegetables I buy and could not manage to carry and the market has changed. In some cases technology has caught on and in others it has not!

Tue Mkt 4 Still the normal veg stalls displaying their produce but I am missing the orange man with his 5 varieties to taste and also my egg man, where are they? Well apparently the season is a bit quiet now for the really juicy oranges, so he has given up his patch for now. The chickens don’t like to lay when it gets too hot, so he has gone for a while too!
Instead we have more in the way of bikini stalls.
Swimsuit 2Swimsuit 1

This is the low tech bit, because they have no changing rooms, so the women trying to sell, just get you to squeeze into the bikini or swimsuit, over your clothes. I’ve spent a few minutes watching the antics and it is really fun.

Now the high-tech bit. It’s Mr Chicken man, who does the most amazing roasted chickens, cooked ribs and ham hocks and the crowd used to just swell and move and you hoped to catch him for your turn!

Hi tech Chick man

He’s gone and got himself an electronic number machine, you take a ticket and wait your turn! Just like a big supermarket. The English got it, right away, most of the  Spanish did too. For some of the other nationalities they shook their heads in amazement that they could no longer jump the queue. It’s still madness in the crush as you try to get a number and then try to edge back forward nearer your turn. How long will it last?

After the market I’ve gotten into the habit of calling into a little Scottish bar for a cooling drink, it has been known on cooler days for it to be coffee and cake!. Well today it was Sidre (cider). Anyway there was a welcome for me as soon as I walked through the door,
‘Hi there, its market girl…….well we didn’t want to call you bag lady!’
So it seems at last that I’m getting to be known and I was actually apparently ‘missed’. Where have you been, did you have a good time, how was the weather – all thrown at me in short succession.
It feels good to have a bit of connection here in Spain and this is not even in the town I live in, but Albir the next one along the promenade.
The couple who run the bar are lovely and Dave was missing today. Something about blisters on his feet that he picked and then with open wounds he did some building work and has got cement dust in them, yuck. He has now had to have several layers of skin actually lazered off, and sorry for the pun but he will be the walking wounded for some time to come. Dot is running ragged – theme here on the puns – and I’ve offered to be an extra pair of legs for them. She mentioned helpfully that it would give me something useful to do, and to be honest I quite agree with her.
As one career ends on 25 July, maybe a new one is starting here in Spain!
I suppose you never know where your next opportunity is coming from, so always be aware and think before you jump in, as I may live to regret my offer…….

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Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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2 Responses to I’ve got a nick-name and it could be worse!

  1. Joan George says:

    Oh no you won’t, just another lovely opportunity to feel what its like to live in Spain, and also to see it from the ‘working’ side. Wow, go girl, how lucky are you!!!

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