The tourists have arrived!

Wow, what a difference a few days make.
The weather is perfect. In the mid 30’s during the day and still 28 at midnight!. The sea has become warm so that dipping the toes no longer makes them curl. Yet also the sea is just cool enough to be refreshing.

Morning time before 9am is one of my favourite times here.
Morning 1 Morning 2
Why, well because it is at its most peaceful.
The light is gentle and the heat has yet to reach its peak.
The ducks and geese are out for a swim and the squabbling will not start till later in the day when they are exhausted from heat and over – feed by tourists.
The promenade is empty. No chairs out, just a wide sense of freedom for the walkers, joggers and cyclists as we all take in the freshness of the day and the belief that we have a whole day ahead of us. That the is ours to  make, shape and create, we choose how our mood will be and how much we get to enjoy the day.

morning 6 balconies Morning papers

Further along the promenade, past the modern apartment blocks there are still some traditional houses squeezing for breath and space between the concrete. Little balconies of delight overlooking the sea to enjoy perhaps your sunshine breakfast. Whilst skimming over the papers from your country of choice.
That’s not something I understand, why people reach for the news when away on holiday! To me a holiday is to forget about what is happening in the world and just to concentrate on the ‘now’, the moment of my holiday. Without bad news, you can tune more easily into the good news around you. You can’t change what is happening and it will be there when you ‘get back’. Why spend time wondering and worrying when you are wasting time you could be enjoying!

P1050027 P1050038Back to the tourists and the time of day for them is lunch through to evening. To keep them entertained there is a wide choice of markets that have sprung up!
So by early evening you can walk along the promenade to the sea front market.
Stroll further along to the Marina where there is a more party style market for the local fiesta with great food and mini bars.

Then take a stroll up to the Old Town to find another craft market in the square. here jugglers, fire throwers and balloon artists vie for your attention.



P1050081 P1050083

The place is now a tourists dream and the quiet nights of just a week ago have disappeared and to find them you need to wander off the beaten track a bit to find the hidden gems that make this town so special.
This is just one street back from the square and still traditional. Ladies sitting on chairs chatting and watching through a gap the tourist parade in the next street.

Lovely lit shops, encouraging you in to buy.

Windows hiding their secrets and yet illuminating the peaceful road from above. This is the top floor of a restaurant I have yet to try. Inside I could see a beautiful wooden ceiling but no customers!
The old town has many hidden streets and quiet places and I’m glad to know that the tourists have yet to fill them with their noise and energy.
Time stands still here.


P1050036 P1050050

Yet back down on the front…….

activity completes the night. Music from a local band. The restaurants are packed and it’s nearly Midnight! This is no light supper, it’s all out party time with friends and family.
Then after a long hard day being sociable, eating, drinking and having fun, it’s time to make sure everyone gets home safely.


Now after a day like that, you tell me if there is time or need for newspapers and worrying about the world.
Maybe it’s just time to enjoy, relax  and take the time off
that you need from the chaos
that normally surrounds us all.

About recoveringme

Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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