September in Altea

September comes in like a lamb, then the wolves arrive with their demands for attention and finishes with the silence of the lambs. Yet what has it taught me, now that is easy to answer.

Well it does come in very quietly for the first 2 weeks as the tourists leave and the restaurants go back to their more day time opening hours.

This one will fill up a little in the evening.

This one will fill up a little in the evening.

Morning to lunch time for this one

Morning to lunch time and this is the popular choice

The voices heard are much more Dutch and Norwegian at this time, taking over the coffee stops in the morning and at lunch time.

The English don’t return until October so I’ve been told, hoping for an Indian Summer back in the UK maybe. Evenings are quiet too and yet still warm enough to walk around in a t-shirt and shorts.

Quiet promenadeYet the place is missing the Spanish, it seems as though they have gone away to rest. They are not out walking and chatting of the evenings it’s almost like they are waiting for something….
Quiet beachDay times are quiet too, with deserted beaches and less of the ‘sellers’ of goods to hassle you. Yet I’ve noticed the sun is really strong now and you do need to still be careful. The sea is warm and a lot calmer than during the summer months and perfect for the dip you need to cool down and then you feel the salt on the skin as you dry. As though all moisture is being drawn away from you, no matter what you drink your skin tightens till you take that fresh water shower. I never noticed it quite so much in the summer, now you feel the wrinkles happening in seconds!

Only bike in a car parkOnly bike on a beachDeserted coveGet out and about and the roads are incredible. Quiet, enjoyable with true treasures to be found.

Then the Moors and Christians Festival happens and it’s on for 20th to 29 Sept. Shops close, guns are fired to wake you up. Parades, parties, live music every where, fireworks. Yes you do feel the call of the wolves awaiting their respect from you as old and young hit the town to party and celebrate.

Moors  have the castle

Moors and Christians

Moors surrender

I’ve never seen so many parades, the costumes are incredible and the number of people who are involved is amazing.

Parade entertainmentParadeParade detail

Party all nightAltea fireworks

The restaurants and bars are all in full swing again which is just as well because most of the shops are closed and if you need food it’s either go to the next town or eat out! I was prepared this time, having been caught out before with ‘May Day’ and having no food in. This time there was a freezer of food and a man willing to take me out for meals…..

You just have to love the open air party life here in Altea.

You just have to love the open air party life here in Altea.

A question, what are these?

A question, what are these?

Larger than life vegetables

Moroccan market on the streets of Altea

Moroccan market on the streets of Altea

Moroccan shoe maker

Moroccan shoe maker

Animals in the street Altea

Animals in the street Altea

Marching bans

Marching bans

Just as I thought it was over the town is closed again for tree days of Moroccan Markets, music and fun.

Then just as quick as the fiesta happened, it became silent again.
The shops are open, the streets have had the barriers removed. Bins being repaintedThe town hall is getting all the litter bins painted and the restaurants are back to their day time opening hours and yes just a few more UK voices can be heard.

The mornings are now a bit later as the sun decides to be a bit lazy in getting up and burning off the light cloud and mist. Yet temperatures are in the high 28’s with higher to come. Not guaranteed weather so it’s now the time to pick and choose what you are doing.
Things are getting done around the town as the time is right
Today I wanted to get up early and go dog walking, then come back and write. Instead it was the suns fault as it was lazy and so was I. A walk along the beach, a bit of shopping, then off to the beach.
Free food tooA surprise store openingYet I was still surprised with a pleasant store opening with free food and drink

Lunch for one

Instead for me it felt right to sit on the quiet beach with a great book and my lunch.

September has taught me to accept each day as it happens as each one is a joy. It’s a unique day that will never happen again for me. That things can wait till tomorrow or later and that I should never let a good opportunity go past me.
Altea is a place to learn lessons and I hope I am learning mine.

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Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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