Seeing life from a different angle

You don’t know what you are missing till you take a look at life differently. You can make the choice too and it may open up interesting opportunities for you!

Out last week doing my normal volunteering at the dog pound. It was a lovely morning with a good team all working under the command of Maria. Its great to feel part of a team and know that everyone of us is working for the dogs. We had also had great news.

Mr Jones meets Mr Jones

Mr Jones meets Mr Jones

After over 18 months in the pound we finally had a guaranteed home for Mr J. There have been offers on the table for him before and at the last moment 2 offers came in which were both perfect for him.

So after all that time, the walks and the cuddles we have given to him our wonderful Mr Jones has now met his new owner- Mr Jones and can look forward to a bachelor pad, mountain walks and as you can see lots of cuddles.

Now I guess with all this good feeling going on I forgot one of the most important tips when dog walking. ‘Always pay attention’.
Russ and I decided to take out a pen that are often forgotten about. Lively as anything. We collared them, got them out the pen and whoosh, off they went at full speed. I could not keep up and as a slope approached I knew I would have a crash landing. I flew. Yes over 1 metre off the ground and I landed as flat as I could. People were running from all over the place to come and help the woman who flew……
We hadn’t paid attention. They were too lively and we should have waited for more help.
It seemed that gravel rash to the knees, elbows and wrist were the only problem. Bloody, sore and embarassed I had to give up the walking for the day.
It was about an hour later that the foot went! Agony, swollen, not able to stand any pressure anywhere near it. I knew I’d done something.
I had a flight to catch, a big 80th Birthday to celebrate with Mum. I could not miss it. If it was broken then it would have to wait.
This is where I started to see life from a different angle.

Normally a trip to the airport was on the tourist bus that takes about 2 hours. I knew I could not stand all that stop and starting as they called at over 30 hotels in Benidorm to pick up the holiday makers! So a call to a friend for advice and a generous offer of a lift to the bus station and a much smoother trip from there to the airport. It was great to see a different road and watch the stunning coastline glide along beside us with highlights of shimmering seas and green enveloped mountain passes.

The airport and a call for a wheelchair. Alicante was great for this, a simple bit of paperwork and a choice of chariots and we were away.A fast pass through security and a look around the shops. I was looking at all the items from a different height. The books were too far from me to see the covers, Russ had to go through and fetch them for me. The clothes rails felt like towering obstacles likely to fall over me. Rails were above my height so to look at something, to feel its weight and texture I had to have help.
We were sitting having a quiet drink when a member of staff came up to me and said that we were needed at our flight gate. Pushed to the front and first on the plane.
Back in UK getting a wheel chair was amusing and silly. I didn’t know you had to pre-book and so I struggled to passport control where they took pity on me, found a chair and wheeled me no more than 4 metres because of regulations!

Then it was the Birthday celebrations and because of my limited mobility it meant a train ride to a rural station and a search for a taxi. Taking time on the journey to enjoy the English countryside and marvel at the still sodden fields with glistening puddles of water from the early morning frost.
Our arrival at the celebrations were shrouded in secrecy, no one in the family knew and we had to get the help of the fantastic staff at The Poachers in Chirk. They truly made the day special for us, even trying to help with my hobbling foot.
Finally a trip to the hospital and UK, you were great. Seen and
x-rayed and out in a hour.

footA very bad sprain and a slight fracture of a bone where the ligaments connect.
It means keeping my foot above my hip level as much as possible. Light exercising to keep my toes moving and ankles circling.

All because we had a bit of a happiness bug in us and we failed to ‘Pay attention at all times’.

I’ve been looking at life differently because of using a wheel chair, more public transport, not being able to help Russ in all he needs to get done now!
It’s made me realise that no matter what problem you are facing, take a look at it from a different angle and check out what all your options are for solving the problem.
Firstly pay attention to the problem and a work out what is really bothering you about it. Do you need help by talking to someone or is it physical help you need. What can you do to make the problem into smaller chunks that are easier to manage. Would just a walk take your mind off it enough to allow a solution to come to you.
Finally, find a way to be happy in the moment and not dwell on the problem. I was sitting here feeling glum about my mobility and when I can dance again and a friend sent me this link. It makes me realise what is so great about where I live and yes I have problems in finding a better apartment, finding a job but guess what I think I know what happiness really is now in Altea.
Please watch………

About recoveringme

Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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4 Responses to Seeing life from a different angle

  1. Geoff Spillane says:

    Hi Gill So sorry to learn of your accident. Life is never dull for Russ with you about. I looked for your name in happy people credits. Are you now called “Brooks”? Are you still in England? Get well soon Geoff _____

  2. Sara Wilson says:

    Gill, the beauty of you is that you always look at life a little bit differently, you always find the positive slant, you always summon the strength to overcome any challenges. I have been so impressed by your thoughtfulness and dedication and commitment. In your relatively short time in altea, you have made quite an impact. We’re all happier when you’re around. Thanks for spreading your positive energy and laughter. Looking forward to seeing you when you get back. And, as hard as it is for you to sit still, every once in a while you need to. I guess this was simply life’s way of saying, “Gill, for goodness sakes! Take a break!” šŸ™‚

  3. recoveringme says:

    thank – you your words are so lovely and if I do spread happiness then I consider myself very lucky to have found friends like you who are happy to share those smiles on too.
    Yes, I am taking a break, very forced upon me. Just been back to the hospital and its not healing as it should, so take a break for a bit longer is now the order.
    Yet my fingers still work perfectly so I can continue saving dogs!
    See you soon and we both miss you all in fabulous Altea. XX

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