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Time to step off the gas!

Time today to rest and relax. I am beginning to feel the effects of my B12 getting low. Just two nights out with my family in Benidorm, not that much to drink but late for me nights. The nightmares have … Continue reading

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Bad back, what’s behind it? Find your cure.

For the last day or so I’ve noticed that my lower back was playing up. So the normal thought pattern is what have I done differently? was it the yoga class? did I lift my child or bag of shopping … Continue reading

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What worry does to you!

I was miles away from home the other week, no posts!, and having a few days rest. The house had been left tidy, the cats in a lovely cattery and the car all fuelled up and ready to go. The … Continue reading

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Lose that bloated tum!

Well I’ve had a few great days what with the Wedding and then a Street Party for over 100 people! I started off the party idea, did the paperwork and then let all my fantastic neighbours loose on the idea. … Continue reading

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