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The bread of life – avoid it, especially if you have thyroid disease

Bread, grains and cereals have become the staple of our lives. Most people have some form of breakfast cereal, with added vitamins and iron, nowadays and they always say they are good for you! Yet recently a TV show in … Continue reading

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Mind your language, it could just save your life!

Are you sabotaging your own life? Are you acting like a monster and allowing yourself to hold you back? Or maybe you don’t realise you are self sabotaging? Are you so afraid of failure that you always take the easy … Continue reading

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A pain in the neck.

Today I’ve been off for a treatment, or should it be called a time of indulgence for me. Which it feels like it is now however just 9 months ago this was a lifeline for me. Well after all the … Continue reading

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