Why is the year going so quickly? And 9 tips to change it.

They say that as you get older the years go quicker and it’s coming true for me, is it for you too?

Remember those long summer days as a child where time stretched ahead of you and you eventually got fed up and bored, well where have they gone as it’s not a question of long days any more, it is more the question of where has time gone. I mean it’s been 5 months since I wrote a blog and things must have happened in that time. yet what highlights have there been? Can you highlight much of those last 5 months? If I were to ask for your highlights, just how many would there be? Would having lots make you feel that time has gone slowly?

My highlights have been on holidays. One to Bali, a weekend in Spain and another to Dubai. Thinking of holidays brings me back to the thought of time flying. Have you ever noticed that the first week of your holiday goes lovely and slow? The second week just flies by. I put it down to my theory

  • the first week you are in discovery mode and everything is new
  • the second week you have done it all and seen it all and are now in a routine!

Yes, it’s routine that is the killer of your second week and I have a great tip for you, one that we put into practice on most of our holidays. When we are away for 2 weeks, we book one night away in a different resort and give ourselves a break from the holiday routine, we go back into discovery mode and those 24 hours stretch ahead of us. We love doing this and it makes the holiday seem even longer, next time give it a try.

So is routine the answer to why is the year going so quick. I feel that it is. My routine is a bit more mixed up than most peoples. I have a bar job 20 hours a week, which could be any day or evening so nothing routine there. I have an accounting job 1 day a week on a set day and then I write at least one day a week for marketing. You could say my life is not routine so why are the days flying by as the months’ march on. I’ve fallen into a rut and I’m no longer excited about anything. I no longer feel I have a purpose and spend hours doing ‘naff’ tasks! I can’t seem to see what else there is outside of my bubble.
So here are my top tips to get you out of your rut and I’m taking my small steps too….

  1. Write down on paper how you spend your time
    I think this blog has been my writing down and shown me how often I pretend I’m doing something when really my head is in an empty space and I’m just doing things. It’s quite painful to be realistic about this and I want you to get that ugly feeling of ‘I really spend that much time on a computer game!’
  2. Create a bucket list of big things you want to achieve
    Make some of these small and some huge. The reasons for the small ones are to be able to achieve them quickly and give yourself praise. Thanking yourself gives you a boost that shows you are successful and springs you onto the next challenge.
  3. Write down one thing that you want to do, but are scared to do
    A tough one. For me I’m scared of moths, so going to the Zoo into the butterfly and moth room and surviving would show me that my fears can be beaten. What is your fear and what resources have you got to help you succeed in overcoming it?
  4. Silence the critics in your life
    Easy to do. Stop spending time with them and then open yourself up to meeting and spending time with people who are encouraging and supportive. You are not here to be someone’s punchbag nor to be their continuous cheerleader with nothing in return. This is about cultivating adult, supportive and realistic relationships.
  5. Do something you know you can achieve and then pat yourself on your back
    Similar to 3 but 3 was about facing a fear and realising what you can achieve.
    This is more about working towards a bigger goal and taking the small steps. Telling people what the big goal is and telling them when you have achieved each step. Knowing that when the big goal has come your way that you are ready for the next and even bigger step and being prepared to take it.
  6. Take care of yourself
    Being in a rut often means lack of energy and taking little exercise or care over what you eat. Persevere one day at a time making healthy choices in diet and exercise and by being consistent toy will make good strides forward.
  7. Start a new hobby
    Have you a secret passion, maybe it’s dungeons and dragons or knitting, maybe trampolining. Whatever it is find or create a group of like-minded people and benefit from their support and encouragement. I always wanted to learn to dance after being told as a child I was clumsy. In my 30’s I started to learn and from it I made so many friends that my life changed and it even became my successful business. Who knows where your passion could take you.
  8. Mind your language
    I don’t mean learn a new one but that’s a good start too. Your body hears every word that you say, so if you are talking down to yourself or listening to friends who do the same, then it’s hard to beat that rut. There is another great blog to help you turn those words around and let your body feel the power of your words.
  9. Have a party
    Yes, surround yourself with people you love and do the one thing guaranteed to have you out of a rut. Have a laugh. A good belly laugh releases stress, tightens your abs, gives you a sense of well-being and a more positive outlook on life.
    Not sure on this one then just watch this video of a laughter yoga impromptu session where no language barriers happen!
    When I was so poorly that I could not walk I used to be in my bed watching this video and soon found I could chuckle to it. Over the months as I consistently watched it each day and the feel-good hormones started to return I found I could build my chuckle to a full laugh. I still do just sit in a corner and chuckle till it becomes a full laugh and feel better for it though look a bit strange to any observors!

and you got my holiday idea as a tip too, so perhaps it’s 10 tips!

Now is the time to break out of the routine and stop those days, weeks, months and even years flying away from your control.
Take back your power.



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Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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