Not such a superwoman!


Not that I have ever thought I was, just that all my life I have had energy to spare and share. Just not at this moment and it’s because of stress and working to others agendas!

So what’s happened?

At my last B12 injection I was telling the nurse that 6 weeks after the injection I started to feel symptoms returning.

Tiredness. Nightmares. Off my food. Legs not working and falling over a lot, 3 times a day at least. Bruising easily. Shortness of breath. Yawning or gulping for air. Not being able to hold things. Irritability. Mood swings. Wanting to end my 11 year relationship for no good reason. Tender tongue. Weak muscles. Burning legs especially at night. More tinnitus. Hair falling out. Vvision problems. Muscle pain. Just some of what starts happening to me.

She agreed to take a blood test and see if we can increase frequency. So it’s now 6 weeks after my last injection and I can bear it no longer.

It’s been a stressful few weeks. Two friends have died suddenly. Another friend is very ill in hospital and each day I am mourning the loss yet she in body is still with us. I had to see my Endo and stressed out completely over that…Will then stop my meds….Will they reduce….it’s scary to be so reliant on one medication. Then work issues have meant I have worked 17 days without a break and half of those were 12 hour shifts!

After 6 weeks I am in a real mess. Though the one good thing was that my endo explained to me that when Vit B12  goes low so does your bodies ability to absorb thyroid medication. It now makes perfect sense to me. Those B12 symptoms are quite a comparison to hashimotos symptoms and even though I feel lousy I now understand why. Im not just missing Vit B12 I am missing out on my T3 too.

Time to stay off the computer as it drains me. Time to get the blood test done. Time to get self medicating my B12.

It’s only taking control like this that I lead what most would call a normal life.

With my B12 back in place,taking steps to avoid stress and having my T3 absorbing I will be back to normal.

There is no such thing as superwoman, just each of us trying to be our best. I know that the stressors I have been through would affect most people so a bit of kindness to myself will go a long way too.

So my steps are

Take control of your own health

Be kind to yourself

Avoid those stressors that you can like computers and tv for me.

Be realistic about work hours

Get outdoors and enjoy nature even if wrapped up warm just raising your face to the sun helps.

Hope this helps….the photos are me now with low B12 and low T3 uptake and comparing to me at my best!


About recoveringme

Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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