Spanglish Fiestas

Summer is all about partying on the streets. Both countries do this differently and you can choose which one you want to be at or if living the Spanglish life you can have both options.

People always ask me’ do you miss Spain?’ I say ‘No’ and its true as I live in the world where I am yet I do compare the life styles…….

A few years back I decided to organise a typical English street party. It took months of planning and a great deal of paperwork with the local council to close off the street which was a dead end street having no impact on through traffic.

It was a very English affair with a Jazz band, bouncy castle, old fashioned games and competitions. I must admit the adults took the hula hoop competition very seriously!
This was the first time in many years that the neighbors had stopped and chatted to each other with each home donating food and drink to the table to share. With over 100 of us and children meeting for the first time. We 9 to 5ers actually had the time to meet each other rather than a ‘Hi’ across the cars as we rushed to work or the school run. It was a really great day blessed with sunshine and happiness and a sense of community that lingers on today and even though I no longer live on the street I still get stopped and asked ‘Gill, when is the next one?’

In the same town of West Kirby they recently had a Summer fiesta to raise funds for the local and outstanding Cancer Care Hospital, Clatterbridge. The idea was to have live bands playing from 1pm till 10pm in various pubs and parks across the town. I talked to an organisor who told me of the months of planning and how pubs who came on at the last minute were complaining that they were not on the publicity posters – well I understood that one having done my little street party – it’s very easy to offend the English!

This one you can see is based around pubs and drinking, even the open air venues had bars open for drinks and the atmosphere was much more adult based than child and family friendly. I must admit the young 9 year old lady, whose name I didn’t get could really sing and had great stage presence though perhaps a bit older in styling that her age should really show. The weather was not so kind to us as it was raining and cloudy for most of the day keeping people away from the outside stages. I met with friends, well it is a small town and I was bound to bump into a few I knew and they were all loving it and some were helping by carrying buckets for donations to the Cancer Charity and I knew that yes, it was drinking, yes the bands were great and Yes a lot of money was being raised.

I was lucky enough to see quite a few fiestas in Spain from the Sant Juan in Altea to the Sant Juan in Menorca, New Year fiesta in Altea Old Town square and then fiestas just for the fun of them and summer fireworks too. The one thing that always gets  me is that in Spain it is truly a family affair. Yes there are plenty of drinks available but they have a different approach to the alcohol. It’s there to be enjoyed and not to ruin the day. At the New Years eve fiesta in Altea there would be over 2,000 people in the square enjoying live bands, a free party pack with hat and streamers and free cava. Yet I saw only 4 police men on duty and never any issues. People started drinking at Midnight and partied on till 6am.
Here are some pictures of fiestas in Spain and you will see it is all about family first, then party and then drinking.

So be it English or Spanish partying that you prefer you can choose your own style. In Spain you will get more chance to meet and mingle with your neighbourhood at a fiesta because the weather is better and they are more organised in bringing together these events. In the UK they are more intimate – you choose.

SO for a taste of Spanglish life then seek your ideal place in the sun with Aldertons or if you live in Merseyside or Cheshire or are travelling here then meet me at Cabovino where I will talk Spanglish living to you.

Happy Summer

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