3 Builders in 1 day

When facing crushing odds, a miracle can happen.

It was just one of those days when anything that could go wrong did go wrong and it started with a feeling first thing in the morning that today was going to be tough!

New home

Work to be done

I had 24 hours from checkout of one tenant to check in of new tenants and I knew those 24 hours had to count as there was lots of work to do and so little time. Add in that the roads were snow bound and I had to have the car to move necessary tools around meaning on the icy snowy roads my boyfriend was left to use his motorbike! My trip at least by car was down ice loaded country roads and a skid happened and was recovered from for me.

Then to pick up the keys. Juggling with all the keys about 10 in all I could not find one to fit the door. I’d been given the wrong set so I had to return to the agent to get the right ones. Back at the house, the keys still didn’t work. A phone call later and now 1 hour behind schedule it was sorted.

The hallway had to be painted but the now newly opened door would not close. Phoning two different lock smiths to try to get help both returned with a ‘No due to the roads’.
Now frustrated and annoyed I had to leave the unlocked house to get more equipment borrowing off good friends who I can’t live without and suddenly there was a bright spot in the day an offer of a coffee.
Back home and restoration work started but the door still could not be closed. Thankfully a builder working next door saw me struggling and offered to help. The door was fixed. Wow that was a miracle and despite all odds and time scales I still had hope of doing my restoration work.

Hall 1One job down and another 3 to do. Up and down ladders juggling paint pots and
brushes whilst in the cold with no heating and the stomach started to grumble. The shops are near by and with the door locked I felt more comfortable to leave the place to get a sandwich.
Now the local supermarket is 3 mins walk away and all I wanted was a sandwich, then I realised I need something for later on as well and the bundle in my arms just grew and grew. Well juggling seemed to be the order of the day and I juggled everything, thinking it was safe. Halfway to the till I heard a shout behind me ‘Has anyone lost a purse?’. It was 2 builders out to get their lunch and looking out for some poor soul who’d lost their purse. Mine was safely in my….erm I couldn’t check but….oh wait a minute that thing in my pocket feels cold like a cool drink not a purse. Yes it was me doing a bad juggling act and dropping my purse whilst safely storing a cold drink in my pocket instead. I turned to them and smiled gratefully going a deep red ‘Yes, sorry it’s mine’. They had handed it into Customer Services, a young girl who shrugged her shoulders and smiled at me saying ‘here you are dearie’. I was suddenly that poor old soul who I thought had lost their purse. Than you life saving Builder 2.

Lounge 1Back at the house and more work done, photos taken ready for check in and I stopped to put on the gas appliances to check them. Disaster. The fire would not work, the heating would not work. Glimmer of hope the gas cooker worked. Back to the fire, find the gas switch has it been turned off. I’ve not lived there for 7 years, how am I supposed to remember! Turned it this way and that and phew eventually there was gas but the knobs for the controls were very stiff and not good enough for the new tenants so a quick call to Builder 3 and amazing friend George. He could pay a visit and help me out.

power-of-hugsNow George is also one of, if not the best hugger in the world and having him come to help meant a hug too and if ever you have had a bad day then you know the benefits of a good hug. It’s recommended that you have 4 hugs a day ………..

After a good long hug with George he worked his central heating magic for me just as the new tenants arrived to go through a pre-move in inspection.
At the end of the day it had all gone well. The tenants are happy, I am happy, my boyfriend had skidded on black ice and not come off his bike, I loved 3 builders, had had a lot of hugs from George and my boyfriend and it ended up with me having an unexpected evening off work too.
I guess what I am saying is that no matter how your day appears to be in front of you, live in the now. Deal with each situation as it arises rather than worrying and fretting before hand and you will find your solutions. Also, never under estimate the power of a good hug and seek out your 4 a day.
What a lovely successful day and what a great memory of 3 amazing builders.






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Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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