Humanistic And Ambitious!

Humanistic And Ambitious! Yes that is exactly me, yet what does it mean.

Many business people will have taken the test Myers- Briggs  their type and I have done it 3 times and each time I have found subtle differences. They could have been down to different circumstances in my life. An unhappy marriage, a happy divorcee life or a job I disliked!
Today I have just done a shorter and simpler test and it reflects my life as of today and I feel that it is a true reflection of the person I have become with all those life experiences behind me.
Here is my result

You are an empathetic, idealistic and
relational leader.
How Your Natural Skills
Influences Others

As a HUMANISTIC influencer you draw your influence from relationships. According to HUMANISTIC influencers, “…strive to relate to others personally and earn their commitment and loyalty.” In order to do this, they are often inspirational, sincere, and respectful of others for their contribution.

Your natural tendency to put people first makes you the kind of leader that others like to follow. You naturally care about their needs and feelings and incorporate thoughtfulness into your leadership.

You may not always jump at taking a leadership role, but when called upon to lead, especially where others are concerned, you will step up and inspire others, using consensus and creativity to transform situations. If you have any doubt about this skill, go ahead and take a chance to lead when offered. You might surprise yourself.

You are a philanthropist at heart and your desire to make a difference will draw people to you and your cause, whatever that might be.

Your idealism combined with your creative mind allows you to see solutions nobody else sees.

You are an exceptional communicator. You exercise this trait not just by talking, but from listening and understanding people more deeply.

This is the trait of a diplomat, and you might consistently find yourself resolving differences between others. Conflict resolution comes naturally to you, even if you don’t always appreciate the tension.

Your love for language and your awareness of the effect of words on others also makes you thoughtful and powerful in your communications.  This creates a sense of harmony and flow to your work with others.

Most HUMANISTIC influencers are not aware of this trait in themselves. Be more aware of it so you can become better at it.


What You Excel At

  • You are insanely loyal to your tight knit group of trusted friends and family.
  • You are passionate about your beliefs and values, yet you never force them on anyone.
  • You sincerely want to make a difference in the lives of others.
  • You are an independent and clever thinker, allowing you to solve problems quickly and creatively.
  • Not only do you appreciate the differences of others, you celebrate them.
  • You love figuring out what makes people tick.

 How You Could Improve

While idealism is great thing, you may tend to ignore important problems or see things with rose colored glasses.  Work on taking those glasses off by engaging others to help you see potential problems, and the current reality as it is, not how you dream it might be.

Sometimes you take on too much in service to others and burn yourself out. As an empathic soul you want to help everyone that crosses your path, but in reality you cannot, and shouldn’t even try.  Instead, stay focused on one mission at a time, and remind yourself that most things are not your responsibility to fix.

Your idealism and love for people can make you vulnerable to people that are unsavory and are out to use you.  Separate their actions from their words, and especially your feelings.  Take the time to discover if these people belong in your life or on your team.

Because of your ‘people first’ default setting, you may have a hard time making tough decisions that will affect people’s lives. Too many HUMANISTIC influencers have kept destructive and negative people on their team for too long, hurting their ability to reach their goals. Remember that sometimes you have to endure short-term pain to reap long-term reward for the greater good.


Here are Some Famous People Just Like You

Ellen DeGeneres

I’m not an activist; I don’t look for controversy. I’m not a political person, but I’m a person with compassion. I care passionately about equal rights. I care about human rights.

I care about animal rights.

Producer, Writer
In her current role as host of her day-time talk show Ellen, Ellen lives the life that every HUMANISTIC influencer would enjoy.  Not a day goes by that you don’t see an Ellen clip come across your news feed showing Ellen giving a new car to a family in need, or introducing some adorably cute kid to one of their celebrity heroes.  Etc. Etc.

If you are like Ellen, you thrive on connecting to others and touching theirs lives.

Before 1997, Ellen had been crushing it in her comedy and acting career, winning awards, and even had her own successful lead part in a sit-com.  Tired of living a lie, she made a decision to come out, both on her TV show and in life, and declared herself gay.

It nearly destroyed her career, and took a deep toll on her personal life.

Years later, she found her groove again. Her lovable performance as the voice of Dory in Finding Nemo reminded America again how much we loved her.  And her daily talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show is an institution, consistently pulling top ratings in her time slot.


Bono (U2)

It’s an amazing thing to think that ours is the first generation in history that really can end extreme poverty [but] we let our own pathetic excuses … justify [us]. We have the … wealth. What we don’t have is the will, and that’s not a reason that history will accept.

Bono (U2) Lead singer of U2

Rolling Stone gives us an ideal snapshot of Bono and how he uses his HUMANISTIC influencing type. “Bono gives us a vision of how tomorrow can be better than today. He appeals to something greater than ourselves. … He speaks about faith in a way that even a non-believer can embrace.”

Since 1976, the front man of U2 continues to make on impact musically and through his many humanitarian efforts.  U2’s music itself, mostly written by Bono, reflects his humanitarian cares and causes.

Probably most well known are his efforts promoting product RED, an initiative to help the Global Aids fund.

Bono has reached to world leaders, celebrities, and all types to join his philanthropic causes that revolve around 3rd world challenges like hunger and disease.

We wouldn’t expect anything less from a HUMANISTIC influencer.

3 Tips For Using Your HUMANISTIC
Influencer Type

  • As a HUMANISTIC influencer, you can naturally see others’ point of view. The more you show others that you understand them, the more trust you can build to solve problems between people.  Hone your ability to understand others and your influence will increase.
  • Don’t let others take advantage of your kindness.
  • Continue to be positive, especially in negative situations. Often, people need more hope than they need help.

Are You Curious About The Other Types?
Here Are All 4
Both the singer Adele and Mark Zuckerberg have strong COMPETITIVE personality traits, and make up only about 9% of the general population. These types tend to be highly driven, and full of grand plans and ideas for their lives.

Those of a SPONTANEOUS nature, such as Will Smith or Katy Perry, make up approximately 31% of the population. These types tend to be wildly creative, are often the life of the party, and are naturally talented at multi-tasking.

Those of a METHODICAL nature, such as Dr. Dre or Celine Dion are types who are given to reflection as well as ambition. They make up the largest portion of our population, approximately 39% of the total.


There are approximately 21% of HUMANISTIC personality types, people such as Bono or Ellen. Both developed their influencer abilities through recognizing their unique gifts and talents.

Alex Mandossian and Steve Olsher

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S0 thats me…..any ideas as to what I should do about it?

This is me....

This is me….

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