Own the decision to be bold.

Life threw that curve ball at me that I mentioned in my last blog. many of you wrote to me asking what it was all about and it was nice to know I managed to intrigue you all.
What happened was that for the third time since becoming involved with rescue dogs in Spain, my partner and I were offered the opportunity to run a rescue dog centre.
It should have been a dream come true for us, we love dogs and love helping them yet after a conversation with a 14 year old (yes a 14 year old) it became clear that our involvement was not the best option and he actually came up with a business plan that would be far superior for all concerned.

I then had to make the bold decision and say ´No´to a job I would have loved but on this occasion would not make sense, not for me but for the dogs as well. We are better when we pool resources rather than split and divide. Team work, says it all.

The other lesson it taught me was that the Universe does listen to what you say and finds a way of giving you it! My partner and I were often saying that we would be great as managers of a dog rescue centre, so the Universe kept supplying us with the choice to follow that path.

So now it is banned. It can be a thought, a dream, an option no longer. All consideration has gone but that will not satisfy the Universe. We must fill our thoughts and dreams with another option or there is still space in the heart and the heart that a dog home could fill.

So we need to be bold, make a new decision and find our path for that route.

We will sit down with each other and plan our life together, so far we have managed to be in a relationship but live apart most of our lives. Now is the time to make the bold decision that we will be together and it is now down to the where, how, what doing. I want us to move from A to B, not that straight line that we all normally travel and instead move us from a to B+++++, going off at a tangent perhaps but we need to set that course together.

Time to own that decision.

Own the decision

Own your decisions. Choose them carefully.

About recoveringme

Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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