All to soon – the leaving of Menorca.

CastleI met a woman the other day just as I was sitting on the seafront looking out to the castle. That conversation gave me a lot to think about and reminded me that Menorca and its beauty were soon to be in my past, or is it in my future too!

She was English and living in Brussels to be near her children and grand children. Full of energy and vitality and happy to chat about her trip to Menorca. A restless spirit who found that 3 days any where was enough. With a long history of living in Majorca she decided to have a 3 day visit there and then because she had never done it before – a 3 day visit to Menorca. Turning up in Ciutadella without a hotel reservation she was disappointment with the choice available and settled for the Sa Prensa Hostel on the front. Not realising that the next morning when she threw back the curtains that she had a full sea view oh and English TV. Her own TV back home has not been plugged in for 4 years and really was just a good place to display her favourite plants.

In just one day she had found out something that I never knew and on later checking nor did Lindsay who has lived here for 7 years.

Ciutadella Fish Market Ciutadella Meat Market Fresh Fish

If you buy fresh meat or fish from the daily market then the restaurant opposite will cook it for you for 3 euros. She enjoyed a very large plate of the freshest prawns and loved it. Now I don´t have time to have that experience but will share it so that others don¨t miss out.

We then chatted about life and the t-shirt she had seen that said
Happiness is a state of mind.

Now this is where we had a difference of opinion as she thought it was a false statement and that Happiness is a state of health. With my past state of ill-health I can vouch that even when I was so ill that I could not move, or talk I still believed I was happy and getting better. It reminded me of a lovely lady who at 104 years of great wisdom may not have had perfect health but she did have the most engaging smile and happiness in her soul. Just for once though, because my lady from Brussels was so interesting to talk too I let her have her say. Perhaps ill health has caused her to suffer, maybe to lose a loved one.

So here in Menorca even a quiet moment to view the world, can turn into a memory that intrigues and entrances you. A chance meeting and a woman with such spirit that I was glad she crossed my path.
She was leaving the next day after a trip to Mao. Back to her family and friends and a bric a brac street sale that they run every year. A time to clear out the years rubbish, sell it on and leave your home feeling refreshed for the winter ahead.
That´s what made me think of leaving Menorca. How many times do you visit a place and get a momento. A treasure to take home. For the object to seem tacky back home, just a dust gatherer to be kept clean.
I am leaving with no momentos. Except for those bought for me which will put a smile on a my face – a Menorca apron for my love a cooking and a Menorca t-towel for my hatred of the washing up!

I am leaving with many reflections, different dimensions. A pace of life that s lovely. People so happy to meet you and share time with you, knowing that soon this island will be theirs again.
Will I be back, well my vision has always been to live by the sea, preferably an island. Menorca fits that bill completely. With it rolling hills and Cheshire style plains it has variety as well. Life is starting to turn back to Menorcian now, classes are advertised from Oct to December for so many skills. Still life art, Lindy style dancing, language exchanges, horse riding, walking groups, discussion meets! Life is now going back they way they like it here and I will leave with just my wonderful memories.


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Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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