The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and the looking after yourself debate!

Altea, Alicante before the changes to the sea front.

Altea, Alicante before the changes to the sea front.

Lets start with the good. After nearly 3 months away learning a new job I am tomorrow returning to the beautiful Altea for a month and I just can´t wait to get back to home and of course my wonderful partner. Wonderful not just for standing beside me in my career choice but for also being there for me throughout the illness and the set backs.
For those who have only just found my blog a quick re-cap.
I had been working in the UK for 36 years till my thyroid and then my adrenal glands failed. We parted company as I could no longer work the long hours needed in front of a computer. It took 2 years to get my life back with a lot of hard work and self belief. Do I believe in sympathy….yes but only if you follow it up with action to be better, do something to improve your life and not wallow in ´´´´it´s just not fair´´´´attitude. So if you want tough love, it is me that will gently kick your butt and broaden your opportunities. I had to do  it or I would have still been housebound instead of embarking on a great new career.

Starting to feel ill but not knowing why or what to do.

Starting to feel ill but not knowing why or what to do.

The Ugly….It was a hard road from beginning to feel ill, this was April 2011 and believe me I got a lot worse after this picture and I´m not surprised I have no pictures of me for over a year after this one. I knew my thyroid was not working but I was yet to find out that Levothyroxine was going to poison me and make me even think about suicide. I believed in the Doctors and that increasing the drug of choice for them..was going to be my salvation. 6 months later I was house bound, unable to read, watch TV, listen to a radio. ILL!

Yet I knew that I was not a sympathy person. In fact by then I could not stand to even be near another person, let alone receive their sympathy at my total life change. Their énergy´was too much for me to cope with. It drained me, exhausted me, annoyed me as I just wanted my life back again and I still believed I would go back to my old job. Loved the people but hated the work and it was only when I realised that I had to let go of the security it gave me and the large mortgage with  it, that I learned life could go in a different way.

Moving to Spain for a year to recover came with its shocks too. Loneliness, boredom, frustration at not being able to integrate as I was such a social person. It took time to let go of the job and the day it was over I spent it alone and terrified. I had money to survive on for a while but it was not infinite! I had reduced my final pension by a lot and my savings were dwindling. A really scary time. Yet making an effort to meet people turned my life around. I had to view each expenditure as an investment in my future, not as a drain of my limited resources. The train fare to the dog pound gave me a contact network that works even today in Lanzarote! That train fare led me into my current job. So a worth while investment.
Visiting a bar and buying a drink helped me to meet new people and friends that I never would have known. Generosity from people who were strangers but were willing to open their hearts to me….because…..Meeting wonderful people when you have the healthy capacity to appreciate them is a wonderful experience in life.

care for yourselfThe bad and the debate about looking after yourself!

I have had a really tough lesson this last week and that is to be able to look after yourself you Must put yourself first, maybe only once in a while but it is a Must. Work gave me a leaving date and it was months away so I arranged a supply of the tablets I needed to be delivered to me here in Lanzarote. Only then to get a call to say the date had been pulled forward much earlier. Drugs  and tablets would be OK noe. A bit close but I would reduce from 4 to 1 a day and then on return home I would have a recovery day and be back to fitness. So drug run….lol was cancelled! Then the date was delayed by just 2 days and I never envisaged the impact it would have on me. Having to be on 1 adrenal support tablet a day for 5 days instead of on 3 or 4 meant my thyroid went off balance badly again. I became all weak and uncoordinated. My hormones dropped leaving me emotional and the exhaustion swept over me in just 1 afternoon where I was unable to stand up and seek support from a wall all over again. My vision became peep holes again and looking after myself had to become a priority but I could not now get the tablets I needed to me! Now a long journey ahead of me and I will be shattered when I get back home and no day off to recover. It´s going to take a while and the debate for me is that I must always have a supply of the help I need and a bit extra too.

I´ve never really given a list of the medications and vitamins I take as I feel it is very personal to me and that each of us suffering from Adrenal failure, Hypothyroidism, Hashimotos Thyroiditis, ME or CFS need our own version but I will share what I take now as a reminder to me Never to get caught out again.

Levothyroxine 25mg a day – a very low dose as any more and my body cannot use it and instead leaves it in my system to build up and poison me- Especially idf I am sufferijng stress and my adrenals need support then I have to listen to my body and even miss a day out on this!

Cytomel (T3) NHS recommendation for me is 40mcg a day. I take 3 doses each day. One before I get out of bed, another at 1pm and a small dose at 5pm to see me through the evening. Again my thyroid support is the vital element here to ensure it works for me.

Nutri Adrenal support. This is what I am missing or rather I feel healthy taking 3 a day but have reduced it to 1 a day for 5 days now. My throxine and cytomel are no longer being absorbed by my body and I am exhausted, weak, falling over and poor vision as well as in rotten pain. All the thyroid symptoms and Adrenal symptoms are back and I feel so miserable!

Vitamin D3, well I am lucky as the sunshine climate helps a lot but even if we have a cloudy few days I can feel the symptoms creeping back so I will take a 5,000iu tablet. When I lived in more Northen climates I would take one of these a day from mid Autumn till Mid spring. The summer months were normally OK.

Vitamin B12. This normally goes wild and drops when your thyroid is acting up. So I now have injections as the illness pernicious anemia often goes hand in hand with a badly behaving thyroid. So please get yours checked out.

Vitamin C – a great anti-oxidant and helps to keep your body in balance.

Selenium – a trace element that helps thyroid function. Also good for combating stress, immune booster and male fertility. There is some discussion over its benefits in fighting cancer but I´m no expert there. 50mcg is a good daily dose. It does help to convert the inactive T$ thyroid into its active T3 element.

Co-enzyme Q10 apparently viewed by some as amagic anti-ageging bullet that you will feel the benefits from within days. Great for fighting against tiredness, a common thyroid symptom. Great for your heart and brain and for producing energy in every one of your cells. I take 60mg a day but some say up to 200mg a day is a good dose.

Remember this is just my list and I am not a Doctor, I have learned to listen to my body and be thankful for it functioning at the amazing level it doe. Just once in a while it gives me the ´no sympathy´treatment too as it tells me to firstly be kind to myself.

I´m feeling exhausted, tired, tearful but I know I will feel better on the right tablets in a few days and I wish you all well too.
Here are some pictures of the times I have felt great and they are a lovely reminder of the days that will come again.

Feeling great Harley Davidson Charity Day

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