Getting to call a place ‘Home’

Its been over 18 months now since I moved to Spain and it is now beginning to feel like home to me until I have to drive around Benidorm with its unfamiliar layout of roads and names for roads that are not real such as ‘ Food Road’ or ‘The Strip’.

Yet it was bought home to me the other day in a couple of ways that now I am beginning to feel at home here.
The first was a guy stopping me in the street and asking where the bus stop was for Benidorm and I gave directions using road names. He looked at me blanky and said’ ‘sorry hun but that means nothing to me’. It took me straight back to when I moved over here and kept getting told ‘oh its just around the corner’ when actually it was a 15 minute walk away! You have to love the Spanish as the country is so much larger than the UK that around the corner can be miles away. Anyway back to the lost guy, I remembered how I struggled at first so I started giving directions with descriptions such as names of pubs, flags that would be flying and which pedestrian crossings to use, It worked and 10 minutes later I saw the bus go past, with him on it!

Later on that day I saw posters all around Benidorm asking for help in tracing a much loved and missing pet who had escaped from his home and now has been missing for 40 days. I knew the area so I took a drive to have a look around and with my trusty dog lead to hand I strolled around. It’s not a happy ending to this story, as yet because I will remain hopeful as his folks are still frantic in their attempts to find him. It did just remind me again that I’m comfortable here, I know my way around and yes it is feeling like home. So whenever you decide to make a change in your life do remember that it may take a while to feel ‘at home’ but with effort you will get there.
Now it’s time for you to help out with dogs that need a home and will need a bit of help to feel comfortable again.

First it is a plea for any of you going near to Benidorm Palace or Mundomar area to keep an eye out for that missing dog.

wWhisker is 10 years old and now been missing for over 40 days. If you do see him please call 648750024 / 699246138 / 609155713 as his folks are trying desperately to find him as they know he will be scared of being alone and they so want a happy ending to this story.




Next it’s a call out for Benidorm Dog Homing and one of our dogs in need of a home.
The Benidorm Dog Homing group are the volunteers who walk the dogs in the SPAP Benidorm Dog Pound and we give vital support above the very basic level that the pound can give. We are the people who take the active part in re-homing and re-introducing dogs back into homes. Funds have to be found for additional medical treatment above that given by the pound and we work hard to prevent illness and infections. Volunteers not only give their time but also donations to help in this work. The team has a wide variety of language skills to help them in their work and have a great knowledge of the system and rules that must be met for a dog to be helped to its forever home in any European country. You can help with donations using paypal to or contact us on facebook (Benidorm Dog Homing) to find out more about our dogs in need!

Benidorm dog pound is just outside your holiday resort. A very short taxi ride from the main hotels and we are always in need of volunteers to walk the dogs in our care. We would love to see you any morning from Monday to Saturday between 10am and 1pm, if you can bring a lead along….even better.

This months dog is a real beauty called Asia.

AHe has been with us just 3 months and is in a pen with other dogs, so we know he is sociable and can be re-homed with new friends. He loves a walk and a play in the park with a ball. Seems to understand basic commands and is a real beauty to look at. So if you can help us find him a home please contact us. He needs to find a place he can be comfortable in and be able to call it HOME!

About recoveringme

Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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