What a difference a year makes…..

For me this has been an amazing year. I moved to Spain, found an apartment to live in, made new friends and now I can reflect back on everything that has happened.

For the dogs, well what difference has a year made?

Last year I was running back and forth to the UK, I was not sure how I was feeling about life here in Spain. I was trying to settle into a new life.

This year I have flowers

This year I have flowers

I wanted flowers on my balcony but the pull of home, the UK, was too strong and they would just be dying for water.This years it is flowers, tomatoes, chilli peppers and all the herbs I want. Must mean I feel at home here!

Last year making new friends seemed so hard and out of reach for me. Then I found the best thing, it was Benidorm Dog Pound and the volunteers on facebook at Benidorm Dog Homing.
This year I enjoy and treasure those new friends and thank them for their help, advice and support so freely given.

I look back now and remember the first visit to the dog pound. My senses were assaulted. The smell, the noise and the number of dogs just all seemed so over-whelming. Fortunately the lead volunteer Maria was there to help me through the day. She ‘barks’ out the orders that you need to keep you and the dogs safe. How to get them when they are so excited onto a lead, to make sure that only one dog at a time goes through the blue gates for a walk. To keep the dogs apart if you meet up with others as we never know their temperament and how they will be. Then there are so many dogs to walk that after 7 walks up and down the little hill……exhaustion for me and peaceful sleep for the dogs.

For the dogs this year could have meant freedom as they found their forever home. For some it has been a trip over ‘Rainbow Bridge’ to a place of peace for them and we miss each one that we have lost that way through old age or illness.

Mr Jones homed and so happy.

Mr Jones homed and so happy.

Yet we must be thankful for the good things. Mr Jones a dog who had been in the pound for 18 months and was classed as hard to home……he now has a wonderful new home and looks every inch the much loved dog that he is now. Big, proud, majestic and with fur like silk.
We did have over 350 dogs in the pound but the volunteers have done a fantastic job and even with new arrivals throughout the year numbers are down meaning that more dogs now have pens of their own and are not crammed in together. We had a transport of 14 dogs to new homes in Germany this week and the pictures are coming through now of those lucky dogs running on grass, having a patch of earth to dig and roll in and of course for some a warm place on their owners bed.
A huge part of this has been raising the members on Benidorm Dog Homing facebook page from 400 to over 900 now. They all care and share the dogs pictures and stories. They become cyber buddies for our dogs and make a connection from anywhere in the world.

So what difference has a year made? For me its been about good times and tough times. Loneliness and meeting new people. Becoming part of a community over here that have something to share and celebrate – finding wonderful dogs new homes with the love they deserve.

For the dogs it has been much more mixed. For some it has been freedom such as Barclay who has been in since a 6 week old pup and even though he was being shared and shared he was still with us after 2 years. Now he is in foster before travelling to a new home in France. We lost beautiful pups to illness and other dogs to old age. On my first visit I fell in love with 4 dogs…..Mr Jones, Clint and Abuelo……all now homed.



The last one, Beni, of my initial four is still home hunting so this month its his turn to be helped by you, as you join us and care and share him using facebook.




wolfAnd then there is another one who we have called Wolfie. We don’t know what has happened to him but he is scared of people. Yet tell him to go to his kennel and he will. He just lies there whilst you take his friends out for a walk. A year has made no difference to him at all!
You can help by

  • Joining our facebook page at Benidorm Dog Homing. More numbers mean more shares.
  • Become a cyber buddy to one of our dogs and all it takes is 2 minutes a day to keep the dogs post up at the top and then to share on other pages.
  • Come dog walking any Monday to Saturday between 10am and 1pm. Each extra pair of hands means more dogs get a walk, photographs taken and we learn more about their personalities.
  • Donate good for our market stall at El Cisne every Saturday. You can make cash donations too if you want at PayPal: yeso1977@hotmail.com
  • For food or bedding donations please email macuela7@hotmail.com or yeso1977@hotmail.com
  • Our address to tell the taxi driver is
    Partida De Salto Del Agu No 60
    Apartado De Correos 435
    Benidorm 03500.
  • To talk to us for more information please call Maria on 0034 677 373 396

NEXT YEAR YOU COULD BE THE ONE WHO HAS MADE A DIFFERENCE TO OUR DOGS. A little effort on my part has made a huge difference in my life and I know it has helped the dogs too.
Gill Brookshaw

About recoveringme

Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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