Death row…….The very final countdown!

Just published in a newspaper here in Spain.

Saved from death!

P1060670 These lovely pups were saved from a lethal injection along with 5 other dogs in a pound in Valencia. Peludita and Russ made the last minute dash when they heard what was about to happen and arrived at the pound with only an hour to spare.

On Friday they had gone to rescue five dogs but then saw the names of Sasha (brown) and Joshy (black) on the list and asked which dogs they were. You can imagine the tears in their eyes when they were introduced to these two cuties. The pups crime was just to have been born and at only 2 months they were about to be killed as the pound needed empty cages!
Using all the contacts that we have at Benidorm Dog Homing (facebook page) it took a few phone calls to secure a temporary foster home for each of them. To take them into the pound was too high risk as they would be mixed with other dogs and the potential for severe illness is too high.
We never know what our dogs are feeling but these pups had fear in their eyes as though they knew this day was to be a bad day. Yet held in Russ’s hands they soon settled down and began looking at the whole new world that was open to them.

P1060670They have never known a comfortable lap and even though the journey back was long, cramped and hot they soon were curled up on his lap, knowing love for the first time.

The car was overcome with fumes as the remaining five dogs, all highly stressed were ill or could not hold onto their urine but at least it was a journey to a better life for them all. It may be another dog pound but we are not a killing station and through the hard work and devotion of the volunteers we do get dogs re-homed and happy again.

P1060688We need your help for more rescues and to help the dogs in the pound get the medical treatment they need. You can join us at Facebook page Benidorm Dog Homing and become a cyber buddy to a dog who needs a home. You can be anywhere in the world for this and just a few minutes a day makes a huge difference. Or maybe you would make a donation using paypal at
We always need donations for our El Cisne stall or dog walkers any Mon to Saturday between 10 and 1pm. So please give Maria a call for more information on 0034 677 37 33 96
Gill Brookshaw –
For life and business coaching please call me
on 0034 603 295030

IMG_20140510_122639Now for a bit more on this story that was not published……
Sasha went to a volunteer called Rosalia, who we often call our dog whisperer as she can help the most troubled of dogs such as our Manuela who was born in the pound and has never had human contact till Rosalia went in to help her. Now she comes forward  to go into her lead for a walk and a love.
Sasha floorBack to Sasha, at first this poor dog was very troubled and scared. It had never known a home before only hard unforgiving concrete floors.
This poor dog did not know that it now could lie in a comfortable spot so it found the hard floor and as near to a corner as possible. Sasha was frightened.

Sasha bedIt took a while till the comfort of a bed was discovered, some where soft to lie and enjoy. A place of safety and pleasure yet still this pup had to find a corner…..
had to sleep with one eye open and the head at a tilt ready to prepare for action!
Rosalia is doing a wonderful job now with this lovely pup and in time a forever home will have to be found.

It takes me back to the old saying about
‘feeling backed into a corner’.
We all have experienced that feeling in our lives and it takes courage to get through it. To find that way out of that corner and to face the challenges ahead. From now on when I get that feeling I am going to remember a very brave little pup, with fear in its eyes that has now faced that fear and so nearly died and yet… has a new life and love ahead.
Thanks to all the teams involved with rescuing dogs where ever they are in the world.


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