Is two years too long to be left?

Benidorm Dog Homing are a group of volunteers who support the Benidorm Dog Pound. We are the ones who run a Facebook page and rehabilitate these dogs into new homes.

Let me introduce you to one of the forgotten dogs.
DesperadoWhat a name for this lovely dog yet after 2 years in Benidorm Dog Pound he is ‘desperate’ to find a new home.
He is very friendly, with energy to run around his pen with the guy he shares with and then has the extra stamina to enjoy a walk down the hill with us.
He is great with other dogs and loves a tickle under his chin. You will enjoy walking along with him as he is easy on the lead.
Please help us to re-home this lovely dog who is Desperado in name, but not in nature!
Please check out Facebook Page – Benidorm Dog Homing, or call Maria on 0034 677 373 393

If we didn’t do this then the dogs would be left packed into their cages with only a cleaner for company for 5 minutes a day as he sweeps up the muck and hoses down. Two years to these dogs is nothing, as they are looking at life sentences.
Two years in our lives are precious. Look back at life two years ago and think how much it has changed and I don’t just mean the price of bread or beer. It could be a child has been born into the family, a job change, a house move or even the loss of a loved one. So much can change for us in two years and yet we often take time for granted and let it just happen.

What difference would you like to have in your life in 2 years time? My difference, just under a year ago, was to move to Spain. I’ve done it and with that I have had many marvellous experiences. I have friends now from many countries that I would never have met in the UK. Living here has given me the chance to get fitter. Tasted new food and seen varieties of tomatoes that I never knew grew! Now this year ahead is all about finding my way of staying here.
I’ve done it and it’s not always easy but I am so glad to be where I want to be, so make a step today to where you want to be in two years time. Each day is precious and each day can make a difference to your future, so go for it!

Desperado Two years is a long time to wait in a dog pound for a home and some have been here much longer. The dogs in the pound have no choice, life has to just happen.


Maybe the change you make today is to offer someone your help, offer support not advice or maybe even, share a dog from Benidorm Dog Homing Facebook page onto yours and help it find a home.
I never knew when I came to Spain that I had such a love for dogs, in two years time you could be looking back at this one small step that changed your life.

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Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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