Did I just get chatted up?

Another beautiful day, crisp, cold and I’m dressing like a Spaniard with long sleeves and a warm jacket and its so cold at 14 degrees!
I’m out for a walk as I’ve been on the computer and phone for hours trying to get some radio time to talk about the girls…..

My two special girls

My two special girls

They are named Britney and Brittany, by whom I’m not sure but perhaps it was by the English owners who dumped them at Benidorm Pound over 6 months ago. They are beautiful and clever, love a cuddle and now sleep on a concrete floor and get a walk just twice a week if they are lucky. We all love them but just can’t find a home for them and it does upset me a lot.

I deserved a walk to clear my head and the first stop was the geese who wake me at 5 in the morning as they waddle across the main road. Today I am armed…..



……not with a shotgun as I am tempted to do.
Actually its amazing how different animals invoke a different reaction in you and Geese, well they get my goat up and should be in the oven.
Yet cats and dogs well I love them and would care for them all if I could.

I digress, back to the walk. I went with some left over cake and the reaction was great. Geese chasing ducks being dive bombed by seagulls and all for a few crumbs.
sun batherIt was the right amount of freshness that I needed, chill and pleasant and yet out on the beach was a sun bather. OK in shorts and T-shirt but there on a towel reading a book and further out in the sea was a swimmer.
OK again, in a wet suit but it was madness to me. I was just beginning to appreciate that its good that we are all made different. There were Brits walking towards me in shorts and t-shirts, Norwegians cycling past at full pelt in shorts and jackets and then the Spanish in winter coats, scarves and hoods!

Altea to Albir Promenade

Altea to Albir Promenade

I was out for the peace and quiet, a time to reflect on an affirmation. ‘I’m making all the right decisions for a prosperous and happy life’.
And with that prosperity in mind I could help all the cats and dogs out!

Just a nice pleasant walk, when I started to feel a closeness over my shoulder, someone pulling into step with me until a voice by my side spoke.
There was no chance I could understand what was said so with a smile I just said in English ‘I’m really sorry but I only speak English’. The guy now by my side returned my smile and started chatting in English to me and I found out that he was Dutch.
I was walking at a brisk pace as it was cool and I needed the exercise as I was all sore from a fall the other day. He bravely kept pace for pace for pace with me till I noticed the slight slowing down, the slight willing  me to slow down a bit which then as I did slow a bit, it got a bit slower and slower. We walked side by side for about 10 minutes and in that time I found out about his life in Spain and his penthouse. His classic car collection. The ex- wife and ex- girlfriend. A visit to London to see more classic cars, How he made his money in property here in Spain but having retired at 52 he now spends his life between here and home. All about his Brother and sisters…..
I don’t think I’ve ever met a more frank and open communicator. About me, well he found out I lived in Altea and had for 7 months, I think that was the pause in conversation that was about me!

I reached the point were I was going to call into a Hotel to meet a friend so I said that it was time to go and thanked him for his company. He said
‘Are you married’………
My reply ‘No, I have a boyfriend’
‘I will see you again then’……and off he walked.

So was that a chat up or just a very open Dutch guy. I guess I will never know.
I came across another blog and it says that Dutch can be very direct which can appear rude. I’ll just leave it as a guy who was lonely and wanted a chat.

Albir beach

Albir beach

The walk back was the peaceful walk I wanted. The November late afternoon sun was pleasant and throwing long shadows across the sand and out into the blue-green sea. Standing watching the sea was not an option as the chill was coming around those mountains fast and rain clouds were starting over the mountains behind me.

Altea to Albir walk

Altea to Albir walk

On the way out for my walk the waves were high and strong and coming over the wall, so to stay dry was a choice of running the waves or diving out into the road between the cars.  

Now just as my walk had shown me differences in my liking of animals, or how different Nationalities behave, so now were the waves. A much gentler push against the wall, more rhythmic and calming a sound. Clear blue colour to the gleaming sand below.

Today it was all about appreciating the differences in life. Being glad that there are those differences and now perhaps a moment to reflect on your unique difference. What will you celebrate?

About recoveringme

Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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