When is a Wednesday not a Wednesday…..

Been caught out before but not this time, there is an easy answer!

Altea Autumn Sunrise

Altea Autumn Sunrise

Woke up this morning to the sound of birds and looked over the balcony to see an early morning clear sky.

A day full of promise and happy sounds.
I completely forgot what today was in Valencia.
For me it is my brother’s Birthday, so Happy Birthday Big Brother!

Then it was a walk along the promenade to Albir and I noticed that there were far more people out walking than normal. Kids all over the place, hey they should be in school.

Shops are closed

Shops are closed

Restaurants are busy

Restaurants are busy

Busy Albir Beach

Busy Albir Beach

The shops were closed, and the restaurants were all busy. People all over the place and the only thing to do is to sun bathe or to eat – out!

I remembered then that today was a Fiesta day.
The Day of the Valencian Community (Día de la Comunidad Valenciana) 9th October, marks the anniversary of King James I of Aragon’s capture of the city of Valencia from Moorish forces in 1238. It is also the Day of Saint Dionysius, a traditional festival for lovers.
Not into history and not got my lover with me so today was just a Wednesday…..
To the Valencians it is a day to be respected.

Vintage cars on Spanish streets

Vintage cars on Spanish streets

Altea quiet roads

Altea quiet roads

So even though the motorbikes and cars are out and about the actual roads are really quiet, including that never ending stream of traffic that normally ‘parks’ on the N332!

Walking back from Albir at 3pm the place had gone really quiet, I guess people had enjoyed a good lunch and were now back home.

Altea promenade

I heard my name being called and I saw friends from Altearte having a drink together. This is when a Wednesday became a Saturday. We sat and drank and talked and ate and talked for three lovely hours. The conversation came back to ‘hey what day is it’ and we all had to think for a moment. It felt like a Saturday and I guess that’s how the Valencians are feeling after a day respecting their history and having time to spend with friends.

Off down the promenade and I couldn’t help but stop. It was still a lovely sunny day. There will be great views from the bar I have been introduced to across the Marina, a real hard working fishing marina that today was patrolled by a cat or two.

Harbour at Altea

Harbour back to Albir

Even the bar was closed today, it’s a real Spanish bar and I hope to visit one day when the boats have just come in to watch the port really in action. Today it seems that only the places owned by foreigners  – extranjero – were open and they were packed. Well with all the shops closed I did hear some tourists complaining but I love to see signs of respect for culture and today really was one.
The sun was disappearing behind clouds and I caught a final picture from the bar roof space…..

Sunset Altea Harbour

So when is a Wednesday not a Wednesday. I say ‘when its a special day’ and they can happen anytime.
Today was special to me as the vibe of the town was really chilled. The weather was beautiful. Instead of being frightened about my Spanish class I decided to be open minded and just enjoy it. I was stopped and invited to join in with friends, I felt as though I fitted in here.
Tomorrow morning think about your day ahead and decide what you can do to make it a special day. I decided on one thing, the rest all happened……

Oh and the easy answer to what to do on a Fiesta when all the shops are closed and you forgot. Well, just eat out.

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Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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