Change happens all around us.

Only been here what seems like a short while and yet I have seen the changes frmo Spring to Summer and now with Autumn about to happen I’m wondering what next?
Can you cope with change, is it something you fear?


Altea promenade with the hills of Albir in the distance

Altea promenade with the hills of Albir in the distance

The light is bright and fresh with the promise of a summer yet to come. Heat moves in and builds slowly as the chicks grow into ducks and the baby seagulls (sami’s) learn to fly.
The restaurants are open from 11 am till about 7 pm and then they start closing.
The shops are 9 am till 1 pm then 4 pm till 7 pm.
Supermarkets are 9 till 8  and not open on a Sunday, I’ve fallen for that one a few times and it’s meant eating out instead of cooking and dishes so no loss really!
Buses, are every 30 mins between Altea and Benidorm with the last bus back at 10.30, so unless you want a taxi or to stay out till 7am for the first bus back, then it’s no late nights in Benidorm.

It’s the time of the tourist who wants a nice lunch out, a little bit of shopping afterwards and then to retreat to their hotel or perhaps back to their home in the hills.
Life has a leisurely pace and time to stop and chat with friends.

Summer (July and August)
The place is packed, unless you go out early morning before 9 am. That’s the locals time as I see them out for their power walks and runs.
The morning light is gentle, a walk up to the old town and the trucks are arriving up the cobbled streets to replenish the bars, yet there are places of stillness to be found.

31 July morning 07
People walking fast in the sun, carrying folders of important papers. Maybe the council checking how many tables you have but there is a sense of urgency in everyone from the council clerk to the waiter knowing he’s got all those tables to serve.
This place is packed of the evening as the restaurant tables spill onto this balcony over looking the sea. Now it’s just me and an inquisitve cat!

31 July morning 12

Restaurants, well now it’s become just a few open for breakfast and not before 10 am with most of them opening at noon till 4pm. Then closed and it’s so funny to see them all empty till 7pm till, well whenever the last person leaves and I’ve seen them ordering full meals at Midnight!

This bar only opens now at 8pm

P1050466Shops well it’s more like 10 am till 2 pm and then 5 pm till 8 or 9 or even Midnight for some.

Supermarkets are 9 till 9 and even open for a few hours on a Sunday.
Buses are every 20 minutes and you can party in Benidorm till 12.30 before you need to catch the last bus back!

Of course its about making the most of the business opportunity as the customers are here and want serving. Yet at the same time respecting the heat of the summer sun and knowing that sun bathing is the priority so eating and shopping can happen later in the day.
Taking a stroll out around the broken lake wall and I’m reminded so much of my home and yet I can appreciate the fact that I did make a change and it is good.


September is now here and the stillness of June has returned with an expectant air about it. Not sure what is happening but change is definately in the air!

Change happens all around us and even within our own bodies. Take a look at a picture of a new born child and think what they will look like at age 30 or 50. Without change we would all stay exactly the same and the world would be a really weird place! Do you know that you lose  between 30, 000 to 40,000 skin cells each hour and your body replaces them. Without this change you would look so old so very quickly.
That normal daily hair loss is between 40 to 120 strands of hair a day. It helps to keep the hair glossy and new looking.

So remember that change is not scary, it is happening
even on our own bodies.
See it as an opportunity to shed the old and try something new.

About recoveringme

Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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2 Responses to Change happens all around us.

  1. mary goodchild says:

    HI Gill – Yes change is all around us and often associated with mixed feelings – Ive just dropped my daughter off to Uni in the north east . Delighted for her to start this new stage in her journey but also a quiet sadness around for me too. Part of life’s rich tapestry! I know its a new stage in my life too and Im sure there are good things ahead. Went to the new dance venue in Whitby last week and met some wonderful dancers – Sergio asked me to be sure and send you his greetings next time I visited your site. People come and go from our lives don’t they but we often carry an impression they have left with us.
    Delighted to hear about you have embraced change in your life.

    • recoveringme says:

      Hi Mary,
      so glad to hear that positive changes are happening for you and in the dance world and yes, say Hi back for me to everyone.
      There will be great things ahead for you and I know that you are amazingly aware of life and the opportunities it brings to us. Take those opportunities and make the most of them. You have done an incredilbe life role in bringing up your lovely and confident dauhter who you have taught many life skills to. A total credit.
      Have fun on your new journey.

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