Sunsets in Altea, or how far have you come?

Not so much a blog this time, just a collection of pictures that I have taken whilst walking around Altea on these lovely warm summer evenings.

I hope you enjoy walking around the town with me.

Altea is surrounded by mountains and it is behind these that the sun sets.

Altea is surrounded by mountains and it is behind these that the sun sets.

This was actually taken from my balcony, zoomed in a bit! I like the contrast to nature and technology. It makes me wonder why we need TV’s when there is so much going on outside our own window.

Sunset over the marine pool at Altea

Sunset over the marine pool at Altea

This is the view again from my balcony as I look out over the marine pool. It used to be fully enclosed, just like West Kirby. Not sure how it got broken down but to me it adds an extra view point as the waves at high tide come tumbling over.

Amazing sky over Altea

Amazing sky over Altea

Walking past all the restaurants you come to the marina, tinted with evening sunshine.

Marina sunset 1

marina sunset 2

Altea is facing East, so we get sunrises over the sea and Calpe, with sunsets behind the mountains.

The appearance of Calpe at sunset time

The appearance of Calpe at sunset time

Looking backwards again and you see the large town of Calpe. With it’s high rise buildings and two sandy beaches.

Altea Sunset looking towards Calpe

Altea Sunset looking towards Calpe

Yet it is a bit like ‘Brigadoon’ the town that disappears, as sometimes you see it, sometimes you don’t!

Evening 1

Albir at sunset 1 Albir at sunset 2

A good long walk along the promenade, with stunning artwork and trees along the way and you come to Albir and it’s beaches.

The walk takes about 40 minutes and is often a fitness route in the early morning and late evening. That is when the Spanish come out and take their exercise with power walking and jogging.

Cycling is not new in Spain but is now being actively encouraged with  newly painted cycle tracks! These run right along the promenade, taking up road space and pedestrian space. It is even  in front of the restaurants separating the restaurant kitchen and bar from the tables they serve. It seems to be a real hazard to the waiters and waitresses carrying out plates of food and trays laden with drinks. Health and safety!!!

Then a stroll up into the Old Town and I’m saving more of these pictures for another blog, but for now…..

old town 4There are many steps to climb to get to the old town, or a long and winding road if you don’t like steps, but on the way up remember to turn around once in a while and catch some stunning views.

Old town 7

Through a little street, a view of Calpe, cobbled streets, sunsets , sea and mountains a love this combination.

I said this wasn’t a blog as such but I’m now thinking that only a short while ago I would never have managed to walk that far. A small flight of steps used to have me on my hands and knees to crawl up them. I would not have been able to carry my little camera and my fingers would not have worked to use the buttons. My brain would have been to ‘fogged’ to think about taking a picture and the pain would have kept me indoors.

I may have travelled over 1,000 miles to live here in Spain, but it started with one small step and each tiny step helped me to get better.
It reminds me of a saying.
‘What were you worrying about this time last year?’
I bet you can hardly remember, whilst I can remember I can also appreciate how far I have come.

How far have you come in the last year and
will you leave worrying behind you!

About recoveringme

Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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  1. Carolina says:

    Love these pics so beautiful and this blog is so inspirational-great work! I sent you an email during the week not sure if you got it, it may be in your junk folder. Thanks 🙂 xx

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