Leaving Spain – perspectives

May 18th 2013 Spain and I feel so fed up today.

2013 May Hail

It has been a week of nothing but bad weather, even hailstones on my balcony and I’ve even had to try to find my winter jumpers! This is not what I signed up for when I decided to move to Spain for my health as the warmer climate would do me good!

Hilbre_Island_West_KirbyLast time I faced unseasonal weather it was in June 2010 on a walk to Hilbre island with friends and we got caught in a thunderstorm that drenched and chilled us through to the bones. Taking shelter, eventually, in a small hut on the island till at least the worst of the weather passed us over and we could walk –
rain-soaked, through the mud back to the mainland.
I got on the internet and within 48 hours
I was on a plane to Corfu!

This time I was going to do the reverse. If the weather was bad here then I might as well be back in the UK and at least surrounded by familiarity and friends. Not that I was slow at making friends over in Spain, the book club, the yoga, the bars, the dog walking all gave me things to do. It was just so new still.

So I booked a flight for June to go back, as going back in May after being here only 4 weeks would have felt like defeat!
Problems started with the Ryanair transfer from Altea to Alicante airport. I could not get the computer to accept the direction of travel I wanted, resort to airport. They kept saying they would transfer me from Albir Gardens Resort (the nearest pick up point) to Alicante airport for a flight that arrived in Liverpool at 23.50 and my direction of travel was airport to resort…….
In frustration I emailed and still got the incorrect response. I was glad I’d given myself time before my flight as it took nearly 3 weeks and countless emails to get the transfer sorted.
Finally, home-coming day arrived. 4 hours before my flight I had to be ready.
Pick – up at Albir Gardens – perfect and actually 5 minutes early. The driver even asked for me by my first name, so how personal a service was that. Impressed.
Then the pick up journey through Benidorm and onto the airport.
Be warned, it is a long trip as you make many stops and still seem to be getting no where – fast. The first one, the couple were not ready and the driver, with 5 minutes to spare, could afford to wait for them. Second pick up, a huge crowd at the bus stop and I though ‘great this will fill the bus’, only to find that they were not for my bus. The two girls sauntering slowly across the road were.
And there we were, just walking slowly with all the time in the world and the flippin’ bus was ours‘, giggles at their own complacency! They made themselves comfortable on the seats right behind me. Then the next thing was ‘ I hate busses, they make me sick!’.

More pick ups and more delays, including waiting for a party of 7 who failed to show. Huge taxi fare for them, if they wanted to make the airport.
Then as I was thinking about how good it was to be going home, a guy gets on saying at full volume, ‘Worst part of the holiday this….‘A murmur of agreement filled the bus.
The driver was now showing no remorse, 1 minute wait time, a call to the office to confirm a ‘no show’ and we were off again.
More comments about how horrible the end of the holiday is, whilst I’m checking over my shoulder in case the woman behind me does decide to get sick.
The bus was quiet, full of people going home and not happy that their time in the sun had ended.

The journey, which by car takes 45 minutes, took over 2 and 1/2 hours and I could see the fog of disappointment, misery, return to the UK hanging in the air. Invading all spaces, lungs and misting over eyes.

For me, I was frustrated over the time the journey took, but I was happy in my heart, the fog stopped at the seats behind me as I would not let it invade my space, my hopes and my plans.

P1040952The airport reached out as a cathedral to me, offering the hope that soon I would be with people I had missed.
The evening sunlight through the windows was beautiful to see and I took time, whilst everyone queued, to enjoy and capture the playful sun through the glass, glinting off the floors and casting shadows as people walked through the light. The crowd moaned and groaned about the queue, the delay in opening up the gate, lost tickets were searched for and tempers of frustration filled the air.

I sat and enjoyed the beauty of the window. The space open and yet moving as people strolled through. I knew that this day was ending with a wonderful reunion, a hug, a kiss and a loving smile.
It reminded me that we each choose our own mood and perspective of what is happening to us right now.

Some people were unhappy, moody, irritable over their moment. I had chosen to be still, calm, to enjoy and be happy as to what the future was offering.
By living in the moment of beauty in front of me I was not affected by the turbulence around me.
It takes practice to recognise your mood and to  switch it into something that will fit you better and make your life easier.
Take time to choose.

About recoveringme

Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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