Observing life’s little moments of love.

Another Friday and another trip to the dog pound.

1I have to get the early Train/Tram from Altea to Benidorm and the station is small, so no getting lost around it!
Benidorm is the exchange point for the lines between Denia and Alicante. I give credit to the train company as the have been really reliable and a great price at only 1.35 Euro for my journey.

2I take a seat for a while in the bit of shade that is available.
I know it’s going to be a warm morning and I get the feeling that there will not be many helpers today!
I normally take the time to meditate.

Today I decided to do something different with my time.
I was going to watch the world for signs of love. The little gestures that make you feel good if they happen to you.

4The first one was I watched an old guy walk up the road ahead of me.
He walked slowly and crossed the crossing, then the crossing that lead to my seat.

It was my embarassment that happened next as I knew he was heading to me, that he was probably Spanish and that I’d not be able to talk to him!
Then I noticed a woman, hiding behind the pillars, watching the scene.
The old guy did try to talk to me, I managed to tell him I was English and my Spanish was none – existent. He told me he could speak French. Stumped there, so we sat for a moment or two in silence.
The woman crossed the road and made her way over to us, he saw her and stood up with a huge smile on his face as though he’d just seen a long lost love and he walked towards her.
She came over to me and explained that her husband had Alzheimers, (seems to be the same word over here too).  She apologised and rushed to his side to escort him home. A act of love to just watch and not  interfere as her Husband tries to make sense in his world.

Next it was a couple walking side by side, as they crossed the road a gentle hand went onto her hip as the guy escorted her to the inside of the pavement. It touched me as a very gentlemanly gesture, protecting his lady from the dangers of the outside of the pavement. A gesture my Dad always did when walking with his wife or any of his girls.

5Now this looks like any ordinary couple.
Yet when I saw them face on it was Mother and son.
What made this an act of love was that she was blind.
In stead of linking arms, they held hands. She trusted him implicitly, he lead her gently and carefully.

All in 10 minutes, I saw and felt encouraged by 3 simple acts of love.
Then it was dog walking and as suspected it was only Maria and I. We managed all the dogs in the small single pens in either a walk or a release into a field. A challenge but a good day.

Beautiful Belgian Shepard dog

Beautiful Belgian Shepard dog

On Tuesday I saw a dog being bought into the pound. She looked lovely, was well behaved and I wondered what the sad story was. Today I found out as I took her for a walk.

She was sat quietly in her pen. Not jumping, barking, climbing the walls as the other dogs were. Peaceful.
It was a pleasure to go into the pen and set her up with a lead.

7There was no pulling, there was a gentle timidness with her. If she went to far then a slight tighten of the leash and she was back by my side.
A look over her shoulder at any other dogs, but no interest in making friends or fighting.
She was pretty, clever and happy for a walk.

How did such a lovely dog get into this pound?

Apparently her owners wanted to give her up because she was too friendly. Whenever they went out and then returned, she wanted to be made a fuss of and have cuddles, to be with them!
That was her crime!

I do so hope she gets a home and soon, as she is a true beauty.

What made me focus today on ‘love’, it was because of a youtube clip that my yoga teacher sent me. A guy called Nick Vujicic, born with out arms and legs who goes into schools to talk about gratitude and love.
I hope you take time to watch it, it’s only 4 minutes long but it really bought home to me how ‘love’ really can make a huge difference and that hopefully giving too much love doesn’t get you into the dog pound!

About recoveringme

Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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6 Responses to Observing life’s little moments of love.

  1. Julie says:

    Ooh lots of love out there. And that Belgian Shepherd is gorgeous! There is a little of Eve about it (not the quiet bit!) Im sure she has Belgian in her. Who could dump a dog for being too friendly!

    • recoveringme says:

      Hi Julie, she is an absolute dream dog and it does upset me to see such a lovely animal in the pound. I’ll keep a close eye on her and get her into my favourite dogs I walk routine.

  2. Joan George says:

    Another amazing post, looking forward to Wednesday xx

  3. recoveringme says:

    Thank you Mary, for taking the time to write to me. Your quote is very thought provoking and I will keep sharing my joys in life as I am grateful to have this opportunity.
    Take care.

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