It’s difficult to make friends, or is it!

Just had a fantastic day surrounded by gleaming Harley Davidson motorbikes, live bands and cheap beer!

Harley Fun Day

Harley Fun Day

Harley Davidson Fun Day for a children’s Charity. It reminded me so much of back home and our Egg Run and Santa Run!
Great park for the day as it is covered with tall Eucalyptus trees, shading the bikes and the people from the heat of the sun.

Harley Davidson bikes for as far as you can see....

Harley Davidson bikes for as far as you can see….

Then the Park became to small and thanks to the local Police the surrounding streets became a Harley Davidson Motor Bike park. Hundreds of gleaming chrome machines to look at and some very special bikes too. Loved, customised and prepared for the great ride out.

Me on a Harley

Me on a Harley

I guess that it is easy to meet people at an event like this if you are prepared to wear shorts and a summer top! And ask ever so nicely, if I can sit on the bike!
And I was allowed too, on a few occasions.
So yes, at  a certain level it is easy to meet new people and the great thing is that because you are looking at their bikes, you have something in common.
It was different when I tried to talk to the girls. They had all raised a great amount of money to have a Harley Davidson Experience and were really enjoying it. I was not a challenge as they were all young and lovely, yet I was not part of their group. I learned that it was not the right time and place to try to meet new people.
So I sat back to enjoy the experience, the music, the buzz, the sound of these great machines.

Having fun the Harley way!

Having fun the Harley way!

I don’t think I have ever seen so many men, leather clad, actually dancing….

They took over the area in front of the band and were really into having fun. Then the chair lifting began and the guy in the chair was being ‘honoured’ in some way.

Popeye, reminds me that Spinach is good for my health...

Popeye, reminds me that Spinach is good for my health…

I took a walk around the bikes and met Popeye!
A lot of bikes had mascots and this guy even had his own leather vest and badges, he was so cute.
It reminded me of the fact that Spinach plays a great part in my health regime now and that is what is helping me to get stronger each day.

Wedding and a bride gatecrashes a Harley Davidson fun day!

Wedding and a bride gatecrashes a Harley Davidson fun day!

Then into the middle of all of this fun, madness and machines
A photographer decided to bring a blushing bride and her bridesmaid!
The Chapter guys decided to seize the opportunity to make the Bride, more blushing….
It was all good fun and she then was persuaded to get onto a bike for some more pictures, now that is one different Wedding Album!

The Harley Costa Blanca Chapter

The Harley Costa Blanca Chapter

So a Big Thanks to the Hero’s of the Day, the members of The Costa Blanca, Harley Davidson Chapter Owners Group.
A great day, lots of money raised for a good cause and a totally amazing atmosphere.

Today was not about meeting new friends, it was about an experience. One I enjoyed, one that showed me what I am now able to do, how far I have come. I am so pleased I went and enjoyed such a good day.

About recoveringme

Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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