Spanish Housework

Its been a long time since I did a lot of housework. My partner took charge for me for over a year and after that I managed a small amount occasionally. Then when I left my flat, the Dream Clean team of Terry, Chris and Nicky stepped in to help me out. Now its different.

Here I seem to be finding housework that needs to be done every day. I suppose it should be a chore but I seem to be taking a leaf out of the Spanish way of life and it’s not only the house cleaning. Here I will not step out the door without decent clothes on, good shoes, nice hair and lipstick! A far cry from when I was in West Kirby and any old thing I had thrown on would do as I had no energy to run a brush through my hair and ‘what!’ put chemicals on my face like lipstick……There it would be a major issue to spend time and energy in looking OK. Here it is an essential if you want to compare to the easy Spanish elegance of a lady out to market for a few bits.

Back to the housework. OK I’ve not been in a Spanish home as yet but I’ve seen the apartments opposite and the way they are cleaned. Bedding aired every morning, rugs shaken, full clean including windows and shutters at least one a week, not once a month window clean here.
I think I’ve taken it to heart and I was blessed to be left a hoover and use it every day to get the dust that just materialises up.

I took it a step too far today and decided to wash the covers for the patio furniture. I could see the evidence of the last occupiers food in the creases of the covers. Marks from sun lotions. Grease spots, OK maybe the cleaners who checked over this apartment weren’t so good.
Now I know why.
Talking the foam inserts out of the covers – difficulty rating 4/10.
Putting them back in – difficulty rating 10/10.
Especially when it’s 27 degrees and even trying to kneel on the tile floor makes your knees sweat till you start spiralling in a circle trying to keep grip of foam and cover. Trying to squeeze the former into a zip area about 3 times smaller than it could and should be!

Let the battle begin!

Let the battle begin!

Halfway result……

Halfway there and the sun is getting too hot

Halfway there and the sun is getting too hot

Beaten and given in

Beaten and given in

Only to look again and realise that I’ve been beaten by a better foam than I ever knew was out there.

I set myself a goal to do all the housework and get the covers off, washed and back on. All in a morning. Did I set my goal to big or was it too easy? Did I set a time frame and was there a reward at the end of it? When setting your goals they need to have all these elements, so set a goal for today and set a goal that you will achieve by the end of next week.

There is now only one thing to do and go for a Spanish tradition that I have definitely taken too, over a lunch of cold chicken and ‘Branston pickle’…..That’s my reward!

Glass of wine in the sunshine on the balcony over looking the sea

Glass of wine in the sunshine on the balcony over looking the sea

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Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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2 Responses to Spanish Housework

  1. Joan George says:

    Stop talking about the sun please. We did have quite a nice day here, not enough warmth yet, but a big relief to have blue and yellow in the day. xxxx

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