Night at the flicks – to remember

It was advertised as a chance to enjoy a night at the flicks in English.

A good romantic comedy called ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ and all the proceeds were going to the Save The Children Charity.

I had it built up in my mind to be a gathering of the ex-pat community for a good cause with a film, chat and information gathering for me! It was to be held in the town up in the mountains a short ride away. As you know I’ve been impressed with the bus service so a night out into another town with the ‘last bus home’ at about 10.30 seemed like a great idea. I was looking forward to some English chat and trying to find out more about who is best to get my internet and English TV from, so some expert ex-pats were needed.

The next town is Alfaz del Pi. Not as pretty as the beach area, here you are surrounded by mountains. As I got off the bus the light began to change and the mountains seemed to be glowing in different colours from those of the day. Daytime they look brown and grey, yet when you drive into them they are lush and green with forests you can’t spot from a distance.
Night time and after a hot day the mountains start to become red, as though they are giving back the glow that they borrowed from the sun’s heat during the day. They were squatted between the houses with their white walls so only glimpses could be caught of them, sending their heat down into the town and across the plaza in front of the Casa de Culture.

Inside and there was a small door marked Cine, guessing it was the cinema, I opened the door thinking I’d see inside a projector and chairs set out. It was a full cinema, lights, seats, sound system. Out went my idea of chatting to the English over a glass of wine before the informal showing began!
Even more amazing was the age range from a boy about 10 to the much older generation. These ladies were English and discussing the horror, now in their later years, of perhaps having to admit one day that they could no longer drive. And ‘where do you find a good driver in Spain’. I felt like going out and buying a chauffeurs hat and offering my services to these ladies who were still chatting away about Mummy and Daddy and inherited wealth!

The audience about 100 of them were every nationality with English being in a minority. I was surprised as to why a film being shown in English attracted so many other people, then it became evident as the film began. The soundtrack was in English but with subtitles.
That brings me back to trying to set up my DVD player over here in Spain and the hassle of finding that even though it was my DVD player from England and it had never had this problem before, in its move to Spain it decided to put up the subtitles Every time I tried to use it. It frustrated my poor partner to distraction and it nearly going out the window. So it was funny to be at the flicks happily watching a Spanish sub-titled film.

I’ve only been to the cinema about twice in the last 2 years as the illness has meant that everything about the cinema has been over load to me. The size of the picture, the colours, the noise, people and electricity. Yet in this lovely ‘Cine’ I felt comfortable, it was only about 1/5 full so I was coping. Maybe its me and the fact that I’ve not been to the flicks for a while but the one thing I loved about this night was the laughter. There was a great comedy element too it and this audience were happy to laugh, loud, long and easily. It was a wonderful evening.

As I left, not having spoken to a soul, I realised that my ‘thoughts’ before the evening bore no relation to how the event actually turned out. I’d gained more by being in the company of about 100 people, without speaking and yet finding my laughter again. I’d lost my laugh and tonight I found it again.

Spain is surprising me, what I thought would be a little community hall turned into a wonderful centre for the local communities with lots to offer. In time I want to explore more as to what it can offer.

As I left I took a picture of it, hope it does it justice.

Casa de Culture Alfas

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4 Responses to Night at the flicks – to remember

  1. Julie says:

    Looks great Gill. Well done for going!

  2. Joan George says:

    You are amazing!!!

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