Result! Already…….

Tuesday and the day starts early here with the local Police out with their whistles. Directing traffic that can cope perfectly well with the traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and even zebra crossings. It’s market day in Altea! They don’t just blow the whistle once, its a continuous effort to blow, circle arms and point at cars being too slow.
It’s a wake up call you can’t miss at the junction I’m on!

With it heralding market day and having wasted the morning. No, I will rephrase that. Having spent the morning, meditating, resting, massaging and tapping as I’m feeling a bit low on energy today and at the same time hoping to hear from BayConnect about my internet and TV problems, it was time to stroll to the market.
This is quite a different one from Sunday in Albir and I will capture it in photos another time. This one is a clothes, shoes and handbag lovers market and I could not resist buying some Spanish style shoes.

Walking back was ‘the result’. I was asked by a young Spanish guy, good-looking too, where the market was?
I told him that it was straight on, then turn right, 2 roads then turn left.
He thanked me and walked away smiling.
Maybe it was my good looks or my flashing smile that bought about his smile or maybe my broken Spanish. Yes, he asked me in Spanish and with the help of some hand signals, I replied in Spanish!

After that success and to try to restore my energy it was time to get away from the noise and the Police were out again with that blooming whistle!
This is where Altea reminds me of West Kirby. One side is a long promenade, only this one is packed with shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. The other is a bit of a wild walkway that takes you away from the noise to a quiet beach.

Meditating on the circles created by the fish

Meditating on the circles created by the fish

I didn’t have time to wonder far so I found a spot that was peaceful and away from the sounds of the town. It’s amazing how easy that is.
There is a range of rocks protecting the town from the sea and the marine lake wall breaks the waves.
It’s where the feral cats live and a lady comes to feed them, give them fresh water and new bedding each day. She even tries to find the little kittens new homes. So I sat to meditate on the circles.

The circles are the ripples in life that each of our actions causes. Sometimes we just take those actions without thinking about the consequences. I thought I’d talked my move to here through with my partner and my dearest friends. I thought I was prepared but today I saw those ripples.

Ducks and fish together

Ducks and fish together

Then I saw the ducks swimming easily and serenely across the ripples and there in the foreground there is a fish swimming along side of them.
It showed me that the people who have supported me are still right alongside me. They are swimming the ripples too and that in the future we will spend time together and I hope they visit here to enjoy this place with me.

Altea marine lake.

Altea marine lake.

As I looked around I saw the wider view of the marine lake. Not a whole circle like at WK but broken, as sometimes are circle of friends are, or perhaps our path in life and we have to take some difficult steps to keep us moving forward. Or just trust that we are in the right place, at this right time and everything is happening perfectly.

View back from the quiet spot on Altea Marine lake

View back from the quiet spot on Altea Marine lake

Which as I stood up from the rocks and put my shoes back on, I looked at the view and thought ‘ Yes!’. Perfection. Sky, sea, rocks, wildlife, all the natural elements we need to fill our souls and soothe our senses and away from the noise of the town.

There is a lot to love about this town and I’m in the very early days. I’m wondering who will be joining me here to share in this special place.

Altea promenade with the hills of Albir in the distance

Altea promenade with the hills of Albir in the distance

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Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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4 Responses to Result! Already…….

  1. Joan George says:

    What a super picture, and a lovely blog xx

    • recoveringme says:

      Thanks Joan, and the picture was taken without any trickery. The light here is amazing and I can now see why it has a reputation for being an artists town.
      Hope you come to see it one day.
      Gill X

  2. Steven Burkey says:

    enjoyed reading that – lovely descriptions of a day in the life in a spanish town …all the hustle and bustle yet still a place to relax. Look after yourself Gill.

    • recoveringme says:

      Thanks Steve and great to hear from you.
      Went to an English film showing last night in the next town, not at all what I expected! Will write about that soon.
      Hope you are all well and sorry I won’t be at Megs Birthday get together, tho hoping Russ might come along.
      Take care and maybe one day I’ll get to see you all here!

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