Today was market day and another lesson learned!

A beautiful morning to wake up to and especially hearing the sparrows who have decided to make a nest in the down spout of the apartment block opposite. They were noisy. I hope we get no more rain!

Its market day today in Albir the next town along the coast, so its bus time and shopping time. I’m amazed at how good the bus service is, I seem to have the knack of turning up at the bus stop and within 5 minutes the bus is there. Is it keeping to a timetable and so subconsiously am I? I cant say, all I know is when I want a bus, I get one.

Before I left I noticed that there were deliveries being made to the next door apartment block of beautiful bouquets of flowers. Well today in Spain is Dia de la Madre or Mothers day, so I guess the flowers were the first step to making a mother happy.

The markets here are wonderful, full of colur and vitality and I especially like the one in Albir as it is contained in a decent sized car park and has everything from food to cushion covers, clothes, shoes and even a kettle. So no matter what you want its the market that has the lot and even my favourite Sunday stall.

Flowers 1

Beautiful flowers for saleFlowers 2

Such beautiful flowers and when you pick a bunch they weigh a ‘ton’.
Super flowers on display but cant help noticing that as it is Mothers Day they are more expensive than last week!

Super flowers on display but cant help noticing that as it is Mothers Day they are more expensive than last week!

Veg 1

One of the many vegetable and fruit stalls.

Well you can tell it is Mothers Day as the flower stalls are putting on an amazing display and yet I can tell they are all just a little bit dearer than they were last week. It took me ages just standing to one side to get a picture of the stallls as they were crowded with people all getting their bouquets for the big day ahead. Then it was a wonder past the fruit and vegetable stalls. I still cant believe the price of fresh vegetables here.

I buy all my juice ingredients and some extras that I would not buy back in England. Actually I was given a large bunch of parsley for free today and that is a super ingredient for my juice in the morning.

A stall selling nothing but oranges, these late varieties are fab for juicing.
A stall selling nothing but oranges, these late varieties are fab for juicing.

There is such a variety of great food here from the lovely oranges with so many different types you can sample about 12 types. Stalls sell nothing but oranges and at the moment there is a change between the old season and the new season oranges. It’s  at times like tese when I wish I had a good sense of smell and taste so that I could begin to describe the difference for you.

The real Spanish food stall

The real Spanish food stall

Then we move through the market to the food on one stall that I can’t begin to describe. This is always surrounded by the Spanish. They sample, confer, taste more, accept a drink all before buying. I am going to have to learn a lot more of the language so that I can have the courage to join in this sociable activity. It feels amazing to stand by and watch and listen. It would be a treat to actually have the courage to sample and learn more about all this amazing typical food.

Time for a break as I’ve been told that my favourite stall won’t be ready to sell for 20 minutes. The only problem is that this now means a trip to the bank as I only have a 50Euro note and no one on the market wants to exchange it. Sounds easy, a trip to the cash point ‘un cajero’ yet its fraught with danger as I have to find ‘my bank’ or I get charged a commission fee. I’ve been in Albir lots of times and never noticed my bank, today whilst I start looking it is just next door to the market and has a huge queue waiting, so I wait. Each transaction takes over 5 mins, I wait. The lady in front goes through 3 cards before finding one that pays out, almost like a lottery winner she dances in front of me as the machine churns out Euros.. My turn and it still takes 5 minutes. I could go back to the market but all that waiting around deserves a treat and for 2.90 euro it has to happen.

Coffee and apple cake.

Coffee and apple cake.

Little cafes are everywhere and I choose the one that has sunshine and sparrows and a wish that I was quicker with my camera finger. A cheeky sparrow jumped on my foot, then my knee and then onto the table. I sat still and just enjoyed the moment as nature took charge of me and let me rest.

Grilled chicken and potato man, so delicious

Grilled chicken and potato man, so delicious

Then back to the now large queue at the grilled chicken stall. It is a favorite of many people as his chickens are tasty as well as ham shanks and ribs. A brisk trade and I realised that if any stand could exchange a 50 Euro note then this was the one. True enough without a blink of an eye or a wave of the note to question if I had any less, then change in hand, hot chicken and potatoes were mine. Dinner sorted for tonight, tomorrow and the next day for 10 Euro.

Albir bay. Anchor sculpture with boats in the background.

Albir bay. Anchor sculpture with boats in the background.

Decided to walk back along the beach as I had time to spare and its a lovely walk. The view was amazing, the sun was shining and happy Mum’s were out with their families.

First man in the sea, that I've spotted. Can you?

First man in the sea, that I’ve spotted. Can you?

I even spotted my first person swimming!

He’s pretty hard to find as I’m going to make photography another thing to learn whilst over here. Maybe not photography but actually how the camera I have works, and how to edit pictures better!
Another lesson to learn in Spain.

So the end of the walk back and all the things that would annoy me back in the UK have happened here today and I’m not frazzled.

  • Having to hang around and wait for the chance to take a picture,
  • being told they can’t change my money,
  • having to queue at ‘un cajero’ and take 5 minutes to do a cash withdrawal,
  • being told to come back in 20 minutes.

So what is different, well over here I’m being taught a lesson in a word that I would not normally use about myself and this picture  summed it up for me. Another snap on the walk back!



Yes patience. My new Spanish lesson. Thank you Spain.

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