Taking things for granted

It’s when you start thinking of moving on from your current place in life that you can actually stop and take stock of what you are leaving behind.
It may be the place that you live or the job you are in or even the relationship you are in that you are getting ready to move on from.

For me I’m thinking now that I’ve lost my job, given up my business and sorted my friends from my acquaintances that maybe its time to move on and yet the ‘fear of failure’ voice in my head kicks in and starts reminding me that what I’ve got is good and why should I expect anything better than this. So just what is this?
I’m discovering now that the place I live is pretty beautiful.

It’s got history going back to Viking times with stones in the Church, a beautiful church with great bells that ring out across the area and especially Tuesday evenings, practice night. That’s a great night for a walk around the marine lake, whilst the bells peal in the distance.

St Bridgettes

St Bridgettes

Here’s a selection of pictures of this lovely place.

Caldy Village

Caldy Village

Off shore island, a great nature reserve you can walk to at low tide.

Off shore island, a great nature reserve you can walk to at low tide.

The Crescent shops in 1967
The Crescent shops in 1967

It’s got a lovely sandy beach, an old village centre and a new village near the train station.

In fact looking at the black and white one’s the place has hardly changed since the 1960’s.
The only difference is the cars now parked on the street – every where!

Banks Road 1964

Banks Road 1964

Aubergine Cafe

Aubergine Cafe

Lots of great bars like Wro and Rock Lobster and hidden gem tea shops Aubergine and
Sweet Pea.

Neighbours who tell me that they will miss me and good friends I thank for their wonderful company and Sunday lunches!

In a minute there is one of my favourite views of the place and yes I will miss here but I am  excited at what lies ahead.
So how do you leave something that now at the last-minute is pulling at the heart-strings? It’s about accepting the opportunities that are being offered. Looking to the future whilst still enjoying the moment of now in this place. Going with that gut feeling that even though it is tough, what you are doing is for the best.
I always think that what ever path you take, it is the right one. You will face tough times, learn new things and be better for the experiences. As I say ‘just do it’.
And now my fave view, will any other place top this?

West Kirby View

West Kirby View
Thanks to KevandHelena

About recoveringme

Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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5 Responses to Taking things for granted

  1. Russ says:

    There`s a lot of `stuff` In all our lives that we all take for granted and don’t actually see, until its `to late`! Were all so busy getting on in our lives, that before we realise it, were there, and we say, `where did the time go?, I haven’t done this/that or the other yet?` What I’m saying is, don’t wait until you move house to see what a beautiful place your living in. Don’t leave it till the last minute to tell friends I’m going away for good. Don’t take your job for granted, (as we all do and eventually hate), until its taken away from you. Don’t wait till your health throws you a wobble, from a `manflu` or toothache to something so more serious to realise that what you actually have, in fact, is good.
    Gill is now going on a journey, an exciting one. Things will change, new experiences, new friends, new places, all for the good and better. In life we leave a lot of things, people, places and experiences behind, but we never forget them. Their in our thoughts, and in a split second we can recall them in our memories and smile at them, they are never left behind.
    So, carry on with your journey of life, doing `this/that and the other`, but now and again stop for a second and look around you, take it in and soak it up. `That’s life` as the saying goes.

    • Helen says:

      Your sentiments are lovely and I totally agree with you, phrases like ‘ stop and smell the roses’ or ‘take a moment to be a human being rather than a human doing’ both come to mind.

    • recoveringme says:

      Thanks for that wonderfully eloquent addition to my blog, it comes from your heart and really resonates with me.
      Looking forward to my journey and with your support I know it will work out for the best for both of us.
      Thank you. X

  2. Terry says:

    Refreshingly wise words, from wise people. 🙂

    • recoveringme says:

      Thanks Terry and it’s a good job we have wise people in our lives.
      Keep on going with the Drs and I know you will get there. If they fail you then would you consider going via Dr Perrin as a private patient?

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