Missed a coffee meeting because I’m a dinosaur!

Is it only me or am I the only person in the world now who does not have a ‘smart phone’. Or am I actually setting a good example!

My phone and not a smart one!

My phone and not a smart one!

I still have my old phone from many years ago and yes whilst it does have internet capability, I’ve never signed up for it.
So all I get are basic phone calls on it and messages. Even those are often in short supply as I had to cut myself off from the electronic world to give me space to deal with ‘recovering from ME’.

It’s best use is to store the meditational music I use to help me to recover and be as strong as I can be, so for that reason its a god send.

But thinking about smart phones and how they have overtaken our lives is quite something. People now according to an O2 report, check their phones before even cleaning their teeth in the morning.
Is it because the interruptions make us feel good about ourselves, that by being in total contact with the world we are somehow important. That if you turn off your phone you are out of touch with the world and its need for you.

Ever told your child to concentrate at school and then whilst they are reading to you, you check your mobile! Or perhaps they are talking to you and your phone ‘bleeps’, you have to check to see what your friend is saying and the child comes 2nd.

Mum in mobile phone drama!

Mum in mobile phone drama!

I know we have to run busy lives and that means juggling a business or career with children, relationships and being a good friend. So when a drama happens do we cling to the phone or perhaps its time to end the call and deal with the situation.
Now maybe nothing as drastic as this happens to you but I bet you can find examples when you should not have picked up your smart phone. Could it be over a meal with a loved one. Spending time with your child should be important to both of you, do we really know how a child feels when you take a call – what if that call is bad and they see the reaction?

Do you check your phone whilst driving then that could actually be the death of you!

So are you totally addicted to your phone, maybe ask your self a few questions:-

  1. Do you check your phone on the loo?
  2. Always know where your phone is and panic when you don’t?
  3. Sleep with your phone in your bedroom and possibly charging?(A total no-no when you have adrenal issues)
  4. Constantly checking your phone when out with friends or partners?
  5. You deny how much time you spend checking your phone.

Maybe its time to take back your time. O2 again says that having a smart phone is like having a digital swiss army knife. It replaces so many things and yet what it was designed for, being a screw driver, its no longer any good at! Perhaps a smart phone is the same. It turns you into a busy person, always connected to the wider world, always accessible. Yet it takes away exactly those qualities from the people you care about. I’ve asked my partner not to answer his phone at meal times as it makes me feel neglected in the time we have together. He’s probably explained it to his mates, that I’m a nag and if they don’t get an immediate response it’s because he is spending ‘time’ with me Yawn!

Let’s get back to comparmentalising our lives and you may be surprised at the extra time you have.
Have a basic phone for calls and texts.
Have a tablet for social networking and emails.
Have a PC for work.
By allocating out actual time to the tablet and the PC you will have clearer focus on what you are achieving in your life. When they are closed down, you have a better opportunity to connect with the important things in your life, the things that are worth living and working for. 

And for me, well just because I don’t have a smart phone and I only go on social networking very occassionally, I missed a coffee date with a lovely friend. I’ve now explained that yes I am a dinosaur and a happy one, so if she texts then there is more chance of a meeting.
Anyway its better for your adrenal glands to switch off from technology and especially at night, so as I say. I’m a happy dinosaur.

About recoveringme

Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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1 Response to Missed a coffee meeting because I’m a dinosaur!

  1. Russ says:

    OK, I admit I am a smartphone addict and yes you have had to ask me a few times to put it down when we should be having time together.
    Then you have to admit, the thing has been damn useful in our recent adventures, found things we never knew existed. Found apps that helped when making decisions.
    They have their place but never at the dining table or in the bedroom! Agreed.

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