Are you a breakfast misser?

It’s one of those diet ideas that if you skip breakfast then you are going to be thin, when actually for the vast majority us actually missing breakfast makes us fatter!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we’ve been told this by many people and now there is MRI brain scans that prove how vital a meal this is when having a healthy diet. I’m not talking about dieting, its a healthy balance we want in our food and our attitude to food.

Junk food for speed as you missed brakfast. Will add kilos to you.

Junk food for speed as you missed brakfast. Will add kilos to you.

If you miss breakfast then apparently the reward centre in your brain light up later on in the day when you see or hear about high calorie foods. Your blood sugar drops mid morning making you more impulsive in your choice of food as speed of eating becomes vital. It’s your bodies way of telling you that you have missed a `meal and must eat pizza, cakes, sweets, chocolate to make up for it. It means you become less able to resist the temptation of junk food.

They also noticed that people who missed breakfast tended to eat more of an evening and especially carbohydrates which our bodies struggle to process at night. This could lead to you storing those extra calories as fat.

A healthy way to start the day

A healthy way to start the day

It’s been found that people who start the day with 2 boiled eggs felt less hungry and ate less at lunchtime than those who skipped breakfast. Now that sound like a great idea if you want to reach or maintain a healthy life weight and balance.
Eating protein at breakfast is the best way to support your adrenal glands and give you the sustained energy you need to get you through the morning. Other ideas would be a plain yoghurt with fresh berries (this avoids the yoghurts that have added sugars in them), how about smoked salmon or mackeral. An omlette is also a great idea or raw (no sugar added) mueseli with nuts.

These are all breakfasts that support your health and can help you slim. Another handy tip if you just can’t face breakfast is to eat a small handfull of nuts my favourite are Almonds, within an hour of getting up and you will receive all the benefits of a good protein breakfast. People think of nuts as fat and then bad for you but read on as fat is good for your diet too.

About 20 percent of raw almond is high quality protein and 26% low GI carbs. They are rich in fibre, vitamin B, essential minerals and monosaturated fat that could lower LDL cholesterol.

So no excuse for not having a great breakfast, unless allergic to nuts and eggs and dairy, in which case it’s pea protein and water which also works for me.

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Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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