Want glowing skin and be more attractive, here’s what to do for 3 weeks.

I’m on a 3 day detox and here’s why. New research out, and yet why have we never really noticed this before! That actually eating fruit and vegetables can give you glowing skin.

Fruit in all its colours

Fruit in all its colours

Well if fruit is good for you, is it any wonder. Look at all the colours and consider how eating such a variety is good for you. It fits in with yoga and the different colours in the chakras, it fits in with psychologists from St Andrews University and it fits in with health professionals.
They are all saying the same thing that is that by eating at least 3 portions of fruit and vegetables each day then you get a glow to your skin that others may think is a tan.

The main things to be eating are carrots, cabbages and kiwi fruit (kiwis good to promote sleep too).
All great but be careful if you have a low thyroid issue as cabbage is not good for you. Also Carrots and Kiwi contain a lot of natural sugars and if you have adrenal gland issues then these may cause you to peak and drop your energy levels.

Wonderful colours of fruit

Wonderful colours of fruit

If you have no concerns then researchers have found that by increasing your fruit and vegetable intake to at least 3 a day, then in just 3 weeks you have better skin. Carry it on for 6 weeks and they say you boost your attractiveness too. So people who eat more fruit and vegetables not only have glowing skin, but because their skin glows then they are said to be more attractive.

A win/win situation, if ever I heard one.

Then the researchers took this one step further and found a link to better eyesight. Those old wives tales of eating your carrots and having good eye sight actually have some truth in them. Carrots and sweet potatoes contain carotenoids. We also have this in our skin and when we have carotenoids in our retinas they actually protect the eyes!

So my 3 day detox is to help me boost my immune system, give me glowing skin and get rid of toxins. I was wondering how bad I would feel as everyone says that ‘detox’ is unpleasant with headaches, stomach cramps and feeling like you have the flu! I suppose the good side of having a good balanced diet with no caffeine and little sugar is that when I detox, I still feel OK. A bit of a headache has been the only side effect.
I will stick to my vegetable and fruit juice after the detox as it does set me up for the day.
Good health to you all.

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Recovering Me is about your journey in life, where you are now and where you want to be. Everything that has ever been created has started with a thought. Where can your thoughts take you when you step onto the path of change.
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