ME patient’s symptoms helped by Vegepa

ME patient’s symptoms helped by Vegepa

I wrote into Igennus about their product and now find I’m on their website!

“About two years ago I started to notice I was unwell. I could not explain what was happening but it seemed as though my life was closing down and I could do less and less…as though all life force was being drained out of me.

Gill, wearing red again!

Gill, wearing red again!

I was working for the Civil Service in a clerical grade. I was also running a thriving dance business. At the time I was working with my doctor over a low thyroid and it just progressively got worse. For me though the down shift came as I noticed that instead of dancing four nights a week and going on 10 mile walks, I found even getting ready to go dancing was too much, leaving me exhausted. Then in September 2011, came the total fail. I had to stop.

Work stopped, dancing stopped, seeing friends stopped, even simple pleasures such as talking on a phone, using the computer and even a short walk to my gate – stopped.

I managed to see an osteopath/naturopath because I was in so much neck and spine pain. She told me that I probably had ME and that she could offer me some advice as to my diet. I thought I’d also seek my GP’s help. I got the ‘possible CFS’ diagnosis but there was no help except talk therapy and anti depressants on the NHS and talk therapy was not until November!

I knew that there must be more than being ‘depressed’. I wasn’t depressed at all – just frustrated and wanting to know why:
• my body had closed down on me
• my body was not working well
• I could not get to sleep
• I couldn’t stay asleep
• I was never refreshed
• I just felt a bit low even though I had every reason to be down
• my energy had disappeared
• I had so much pain

I went back to my naturopath and listened more closely. I managed to research Dr Perrin and Prof Puri and realised that if I tried nothing else, I needed to try Vegepa. I sent off for six boxes and started taking eight each day.

September – I was at the stage where life revolved around my flat and nothing else. Housework had to be done for me. I couldn’t shower or make a cup of tea, not even get dressed on most days. Everything was an effort; I had to get better.

November and my first NHS appointment – I managed to be a passenger in a car, walk 100 yards with a stick, sit in a room with 30 people, listen for two hours to a seminar. I talked to other people recovering from ME and realised that I had come an exceptionally long way. I could offer hope to people who were worse now than me.

My sleep has improved, I know my mood has turned more positive too. Vegepa has made a dramatic difference to me and I have recommended it to many friends who have started taking it to help with ‘feeling low’, ‘poor sleep’, ‘I take fish oils’ and each of them have also improved on symptoms as I have. I still have a long way to go on my recovery and Vegepa is with me every step of the way.”

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